Monday, May 30, 2011

X and Cate's Big Adventure in Shropshire

That there is Cate and one of Lou's sproglets having a wander around the castle walls in Ludlow, UK. We were there visiting the Archers at the Fabulous Larches once again. We love it out there - not only is it gorgeous, stunning English countryside, the Archers are so lovely.

Cate still can't stop talking about the kids and her adventure in the country. I think the chickens were a big hit. here are the Archer's bantam chicks:
And here is the condo-coop with the rooster minding his harem and birds:
Lou has the most amazing garden:

 Above is the walled, raised bed vegetable garden. She has everything you can think of growing here. We had kale from the garden for dinner both nights! The onions are waving in the wind in that bottom photo. Fantastic.

Lou's hot house - filled with goodies including pumpkins. She really has outdone herself. See the strawberries peaking out there? We had a few that her 8-yo picked. Both of the sproglets are completely intuned to the garden, the animals and the lifestyle - naturals, especially the 8yo. She's amazing with the animals, the garden and helping out around the house. I'm wondering if Lou rents her out?
My favourite thing at the Larches? The kitchen door that leads to the vegetable garden:
And the garden gate that leads into the vegetable garden:
We had a lovely day in Ludlow - spent some cash in the market as usual and had a lovely lunch as well. The town is so charming and authentically medieval. Lou's hubbie and I were reading the placards on some of the buildings - which are mostly Tudor. One sign stated the building was the former jail and was built in 1490. I laughed and said neither of my countries had even been discovered yet. That building was older than the entire United States by two years!!! Astonishing. The buildings are so crooked and unbelievable Fen and I kept saying it looked like something out of Disney, because they were so wonderfully old and authentic - like they were trying too hard.

We went for a walk in the forest and Lou's hubby spied a lizard. The sproglets turned over the log the lizard had been on and found a slow worm (looked like a baby snake to me - eek!) and a baby toad. Here are they are:
This proved to me once again that I have little business being in the great outdoors unsupervised as I would have bolted off with a child under each arm had I encountered either animal out there alone.But I am willing to learn!

This is how X and Cate's big adventure ended - curled up together after baths, toasty warm and watching Beauty and the Beast in bed together in the Archer's fantastic guest room:
After leaving we headed to Warwick Castle - amazing place! And then to Oxford where Fen and I smiled at the herds and herds of college students whizzing by on their bicycles, their eager faces freshly educated and ready to take on the world and rid it of their parent's and grandparents decades of 'mistakes'. We smiled because twenty years ago we were them and now we realize it's okay. Oxford is amazing, by the way. Perhaps I'll write about it in another post, Warwick too.

Our final stop: Toys R Us. I think Cate had a major sensory overload as her voice went up to an octave only dogs could hear. Her fourth birthday is this coming Sunday. We're bracing ourselves for the week long festivities.


  1. Oh you got to see Lou! I'm so jealous. She's in the running to be my new PA, you know. :-)

  2. Lovely post, so glad you love to visit.




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