Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hunt is Over!

We have a new flat! Twice the size of the one we're in, close to Cate's school, not far from this flat and in a gorgeous building. I'm so, so relieved that we're moving, and even more relieved that I don't have to look anymore. I saw 23 flats all together. We're being vetted this week, and I'm fairly sure we'll be fine, can't imagine why we wouldn't be, and then we'll move next month. I cannot, cannot wait.
The lounge at the new place
I'm so delighted to have a large lounge, with a fireplace (doesn't work, but it has a lovely mantle), a nice bay window, high ceilings (12 feet), no steps to go up and down (with a stroller it's been rough at this place), a WALK-IN closet with a window too, loads of storage, an eat in kitchen and the best part - the second bedroom is large enough for both kids and all their stuff. Fen and I will finally have our own bedroom again - no little baby snoring through the night (okay, I may miss that a little).

There are a few downsides - it's only two bedrooms, and one bathroom - which is a little dated. The oven looks to be circa 1979 but I've requested a new one and the building is old which means loads of charm, but it's well...old. Not enough to put me off - I'm delighted.

It's funny, just over a year ago I was so thrilled to move in here. After the rotten time we had, this place was a godsend. But it was a snap decision and I didn't really consider much before I just moved us in to get us out of the first place.But after we moved in and realized just how much stuff we had the walls started to close in on us. And there were issues like being in a fish bowl - too many of the neighbors kids liked to come and bang on our windows and call for Cate. And the fact that we've all been sick with one thing or another since we moved in. And I never got that herb garden in my kitchen window as there was no sill. Well, there's a sill in the new place - fingers crossed I finally get it.

Here's the irony - we got rid of all of our stuff - gave it to charity, chairs, tables, bed, dresser drawers, etc. because we didn't have the room. The new place is unfurnished. Heavy sigh. First stop: Ikea.


  1. Well's been a bit of a struggle for you finding the right place, but this one looks good. I hope you'll all be very happy there xx

  2. Wow it looks lovely! Wishing you every happiness in your new home!

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to swing by for a cocktail! x

  4. Well done in finding a new place - it's so stressful renting isn't it?
    We've just signed new tenants in our house in Clapham - but if you fancy moving in a year's time, you can probably get a lot more for your money down there! We have a very nice 4 bedroom house with a small garden - and I would love a family living there, but all we ever seem to get are groups of 'young professionals'.

  5. But now you have a perfect excuse to go shopping!! Hurrah!

    Oh, and did I hear someone say cocktails...? ;)

    Congrats on the new flat, it looks lovely x

  6. Yipee, hope you'll still have a sofabed, me and Fancy-Pants can fight for it after cocktails!!!

    Congrats family.



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