Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weird days

I've had a weird few days. Cate has been acting up a lot lately and it's really getting me down. The fact that I'm, once again, recovering from a nasty head cold and a rotten asthma attack, doesn't help.

Cate had a massive asthma attack on a playground with friends earlier this week and it set everything in motion. I had to cut our play date short to rush her over to the doctor. The poor little girl couldn't even run or play or anything. She was just coughing and throwing up. It was awful. We got it under control and two days later we enlisted in Fairy School.

I've been overindulging Cate because she's been ill, I should preface this post with that fact. We met a friend there with her little girl, who is just adorable. The two girls had a wonderful time. But there were two factors that made the day weird. Cate was sloshing glue all over the little bunny bag she was supposed to be decorating, so I stepped in and showed her how to put sprinkles on it. She had a fit. Granted I should have just stayed out of it and let her slap glue on it if she wanted. She smacked me, four times. I was stunned. If we were at home she would have been put in a time out and the crafts would have been put away. But we were in public and I'm never sure what to do. I bent down to eye level and held her shoulders and said quite firmly, "Don't you dare hit me again. We will go right home. Right now. Do you understand me?" She nodded but was huffy and acted like a brat. I let it go but I was embarrassed and kinda shaken.

There was also one of 'those' mothers - stick thin, wearing a pair of cargo pants that didn't quite fit so her butt was hanging out and she was in our faces hoisting up her waistline for two hours. My friend and I were quite annoyed - she was also photo-mad - taking pictures of  her child and standing all over so no one else could get in. My friend was irritated and I don't blame her. It was her daughter's first Fairy School so she wanted to document it. Cate is a veteran at three trips to Fairy School.

The kids had a wonderful time, regardless of Cate's acting up and the annoying mom. As we were leaving I bent over to pick up my purse, scarf, Cate's jacket, etc. I noticed a £10 note on the ground. I had slipped my change into my pocket which included a ten pound note. I picked it up, assuming it was mine and we left.

About three hours later when we were heading out again, I stuck my hands in my pockets and noticed I had TWO ten pound notes! I was aghast. I had picked up someone else's money. I called my friend to see if she was missing it. I know it's not a big deal but still! I have never stolen anything - well, I take that back. I did steal the odd boyfriend or two back in the day when I was young and foolish. She never got back to me so I'm assuming: 1. she thinks I'm weird, or 2. she didn't get the message. Either way, I put the money in the collection plate at mass today. I don't need bad karma!

The house hunting had me in a tizzy as well. The place I was really hoping would be 'the one' was terrific but when Fen and the estate agent went into look at the master bedroom, the current tenant admitted that there was a mold problem with the flat and that clinched it for me. I'm running away from mold, I certainly don't want to walk into another bad situation! Everything else I'm being shown is not cutting it - at all.

I guess I'm being negative - I don't mean to be. I'm having one of those weeks where nothing is really flowing right. I feel like I'm stuck in the wrong gear or something. Maybe it's lack of alcohol - I gave it up (during the week) for Lent. That and sweets. Thank heavens there's only one week left until Easter. I expect to be in a drunken stupor by the time the royal wedding occurs.

The one real highlight of the week: London Book Fair and dinner with Lou from Larches at the Archers. She's ALWAYS a good time.


  1. Hope you have a good week and are feeling better :)

  2. Ah, I was really concerned until the end. Now it's clear. One of you needs to be drinking. And since Cate's a child, it will have to be you. Are you insane?!

  3. Yes a reviving glass of sav blanc is a must for me at the end of day with kids. Must say you have just described every day of our vacation. Sometimes i can't believe how hard it is - with the magic moments in between (sometimes...)

  4. I'm sure that £10 is mine.... hand it over when we next meet... te he he

    Sorry about Cate but it must be frustrating for her with all that yucky coughing and very tiring for you when you feel bad too. Glad you're coming up here for some 'real' air. xx


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