Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The hunt begins...

Tomorrow I'm going to see another flat. This will be the fourth that I've seen. The others were just to see what was out there, and none of them were right - I call them test runs. However, tomorrow the hunt begins in earnest and I have my eye on a great one - at least it's great on paper. I'll have to see if it's up to snuff in person.

My dream: giant mansion with many, many rooms and loads of ground - acres if possible with a pond featuring a spouting fountain. Much like Oprah's home above. What I'll settle for: two bathrooms, outdoor space, more room and less stairs upon entry. Space and two bathrooms are the real must haves. Everything else is negotiable.

I know one thing for certain - the next place we live in, regardless if it's 'perfect' or not - is where we're going to stay for a few years if not for the remainder of our time in London. It will be the fourth place we've lived in London in 14 months! That's crazy.

Cate was told we might be moving and she doesn't quite get it. But she does understand that this means a bigger bedroom for her. We haven't mentioned that X will be living with her, regardless if we have three bedrooms or not. We decided before he was born we want the two of them to share until Cate is about 7 or 8 - when she'll want sleepovers. She's started to mark the Argos catalog for beds she'd like and other necessary items such as a princess night stand complete with light, mosquito netting in pink with fairies, and posters. This is all for her 'new bedroom'. Hmmm... she certainly caught on quick enough.

I don't think I mentioned that she got into our number one school choice and I'm absolutely delighted. We confirmed the acceptance and she is IN, baby! So now my hunt starts in earnest within a half mile circle of her school.

This place tomorrow is in that radius. It has two large bedrooms, large lounge, open plan kitchen/dining/living, a conservatory, large patio and back yard, two bathrooms, etc. Like I said - sounds perfect on paper. We'll have to see how it pans out in the end. Fingers crossed folks. We could use a break on the housing front. Keep the good thoughts coming...


  1. Good luck, very exciting time. I don't like moving day but I love everything in between :)
    Well done for getting number one school choice too!

  2. Good luck, house hunting can be so stressful but I am sure your new home is waiting for you just around the corner.

  3. Good luck! But how's X feel about growing up in a princess themed room? Are you worried at all?

  4. How exciting! I always think an open kitchen is the most important thing, I would sacrifice everything for a large kitchen as that is where you live. yes I would like to live in a mansion or castle too, let me know if you find any spare ones...

  5. Sending all the positive vibes I can muster!

  6. Sweet thoughts from me to you
    House hunting can be a storm
    Hopefully sunny skies arrive soon !

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  7. Hope you find the place of your dreams!

  8. Good luck flat hunting! I know Americans always have a hard time over in the UK because everything is so cosy (read - VERY small). I had to laugh at your pic of Oprah's house. I am a British expat living in California - a mile away from Oprah's house - and I've never seen a picture..... How funny is that?! Of course this could be one of her many houses.....


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