Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cate's First Report Card

Here's the little star!  Cate is in nursery and we had our first parent/teacher meeting yesterday. Cate is doing very well, I'm delighted to report. Of course we think she's a tiny genius, but truth be told she's quite normal, bright, and adapting well to her not-so-new world.  Here are a few of my favourite comments from her report card:

Cate is chatty and likes to join in telling us about what the has got up to at home. Yikes! I will have to watch what I do now! 

Her writing is coming along really well - her handwriting is excellent for her age.A future novelist?

Cate has become increasingly confident and independent during her time at Nursery. She settled in well and made friends with many girls. She will play alongside most children and can share and take turns. Hmmm, this is not the case with her brother. Oh dear.

Cate likes all creative activities in the Nursery. Her favourites are painting, playing in the Home Corner. She will join in all Nursery activities when encouraged. She is always keen to join adult initiated activities especially cooking.She loves helping me make dinner. A future chef?

Cate likes to dress up and dance and sing. She enjoys drawing and mummy features frequently. It's nice to be acknowledged!
Cate is happier inside than out, often choosing to stay in to work independently at the writing or creative areas. She is interested in the world about her, she enjoys tactile play and acting out scenarios with the little figures. Fen will be crushed if she's not sporty. I will teach her yoga - you can do that inside!

Overall, she's doing very well. And as you can see, she's becoming quite the ballerina. I think that may be her favourite class of all. Too bad it's at the crack of dawn on Saturdays!


  1. How long have you been in London? And how does it compare?

    I have a four year old daughter and it is so great when you get to hear what they get up to at nursery. It's like their own world where they can be independent and try out loads. When my daughter is home, she won't do half of what her teachers tell me she does at nursery!

  2. Of course she's a "tiny genius", she is your daughter!

  3. How brilliant - love her report card, haven't seen one in this household that good for years. Could I pretend it's for one of my lot? (sigh!) Plus love the ballet pose - gorgeous!

  4. Excellent report.

    She looks adorable as a ballerina.


  5. I can sympathise with the Saturday morning thing - my daughters drama class is also first thing on a Saturday!

    Well done Cate!


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