Monday, February 28, 2011

Half term is OVER!

Last week was half term - and what a week it was. Started out promising with playdates, crafts, outings galore. Cate was beside herself with excitement over all the fun things we were doing: the Heath, playdates with her friends, crafts, new sticker books, new movies for Cate and Mommy movie night, fun cooking projects, and a few outings to museums and playspaces.

It lasted until Wednesday when X decided to have pink eye (conjunctivitis). Then is was a matter of rescheduling the double playdates and having someone watch X so Cate could still have fun.But as luck would have it Thursday Cate had a huge asthma attack on our way home from too much fun in the Heath. She started coughing uncontrollably so I broke out the inhaler with the cone and gave it to her right on Haverstock Hill! She was fine for about two minutes and then she started to vomit, the poor thing.

I cancelled the rest of her week and decided to take it easy. We did a lot of baking and did visit a few friends for quiet playtimes but Cate was still under the weather so we took it easy.

Her last day of freedom was today so we had big plans to go to a farm seeing how X was over his troubles and daddy had the day off. Alas, it was not to be. Cate was up from 11:30 until 3:30 this morning with a burning fever and vomiting. I "slept" with her on our sofa bed just to make sure she was okay. She spent the entire day sleeping and sipping drinks.

It was all so disappointing - all of our playdates, all of our plans dashed due to illnesses. I don't know what the problem is but it seems that someone in this house is sick at all times. this upcoming move can't come soon enough as I'm starting to blame the building!

I'm happy to report that both Cate and X are in the pink tonight - both tucked into their own beds (although Cate did say at bedtime, "I have a great idea - how 'bout I sleep in your bed tonight?!" Ermmm...NO).

Easter break is coming and we're plotting a trip - still haven't decided where but I think we need it. I'm pushing for somewhere warm, sunny and beachy. Maybe we should all just move back home to the Bahamas and be done with it!


  1. That sucks! But didn't you enjoy all that togetherness?

  2. I am glad that Cate and X are feeling better. I will also keep my fingers crossed that you have a far better Easter!

  3. Don't you love it when they start out"I have a great idea".

  4. What a shame! But this often happens when you have all these great plans in place.
    Here's hoping Easter will prove to be illness-free!

  5. Easter break isn't thta far off, start the zinc and vitamin C now and I hope you make it to somewhere warm before the cough and cold starts.


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