Wednesday, January 5, 2011

X, the chameleon

X needs a haircut, that's for sure. His hair is all over the place and I have to just go and get it done. He's so cute, though, with his unruly locks. What do you think? Dead ringer for:
The X Man

Orlando Bloom's hair
Young(er) Justin Bieber

President Andrew Jackson on the US $20 bill
And again:
The X Man
Farrah Fawcett
Perhaps this is more like it:
The Happy X Man
John Boy Walton

And one final time - which I think is the winner:
My Handsome X
His real dad?

What do you think? Okay, okay. I'll cut his hair!!!


  1. This is hilarious, Erin. Thanks for sharing! (PS-IMHO, Andrew Jackson is the winner!)

    Delia Lloyd

  2. I don't know, he is so cute, but I guess the first haircut is one of life's milestones. I hope Angelina never finds out, I would hate it if she went all Tomb Raider on you!

  3. He's a dead ringer for Mr Pitt - definitely the father!

  4. Haha very funny!

    Seriously though I rather like little boys with longish hair. My grandson Billy's hair is quite long and unruly at the moment and I love it!

  5. Happy New Year! I think X is absolutely gorgeous as he is. Lovely hair! Don't cut it please! Congratulations on his father btw! Ciao. A.

  6. Long wavy hair on little boys is lovely - until your 19 year old son waves a photo in your face and says, 'Mam, this is child abuse'... So enjoy the long wavy hair, but don't show him the pics when he's older :-)

  7. Thanks for the comments, folks. I still haven't managed to cut his hair! @James: as far as Angelina is concerned: bring it!

  8. X Man may not thank you when he is older. Just wait until he is about 16 and goes away on rugby tour with school and the whole lot of them shave their heads to a number 4 before they go. Then you will have hair cutting issues. Don't forget to save a lock.

  9. John Boy Walton - no contest - and that smile!

  10. p.s. even if your kid's hair needs style, I think you already have it!


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