Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three reasons to be cheerful....

Okay, last week was a fair week, a good week and a crap week all at once.

It was a fair week because I had a birthday. At my age, that's not as exciting as it was when I was, say...twelve. And I only celebrate my birthday now on the 0's and 5's. This was a five. Yikes. That's half way to the next big 0 (and not the good kind). But it's fine. I survived and surprisingly look exactly as I did the day before my birthday!

It was good because my husband took me out - a rocky start as he didn't have a reservation and we walked all over Hampstead and Belsize Park looking for a place that wasn't booked. I could feel Mary's pain, albeit I was not pregnant but I did ride the ass (for screwing up). ;-) But we had a lovely dinner once we found a cute little place and the food was great. And then I went to dinner with seven of my new friends here in London. Fantastic. And my fanciest friend came over for drinks and then sent me a ridiculously fancy gift that included a case of wine, fish sticks and Skinny Cow ice cream desserts. This is very good stuff!

It was a crap week because I was diagnosed with asthma. Gawd awful. I'm tough on myself and thought I was just way more out of shape than I am. I've been huffing and puffing my way around the hills here gasping for air and wondering what my problem was. It may not be forever, but when I think about the past few years, I've had a tough time with a bunch of things that never used to bug me. Dang. So if you see someone out there walking in the Heath or running (more like staggering) up a hill with an inhaler - that's me. Please wave and shout encouraging words.

Anyway, I still have three reasons to be cheerful:

1. My children, a given, natch, but this evening my three year old was 'hiding' behind the curtains in our lounge and then jumping out and giggling, to which my one year old would literally keel over laughing. It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen (since the last adorable thing they've done).

2. We live in Europe. It's been a crap road but things are looking way, way up. And we live in London. ENGLAND. I LOVE all things English, the history in particular. We haven't had much opportunity to get out and about for numerous reasons but now we can. And we are. And I'm loving it. Living here is something I always dreamed about but never thought I'd actually do. Yet, here we are. Better make the most of it.

3., Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and a select few other shows I really love. Sound weird? I work every day sometimes until 11pm or later. When I have a night off I want to either read something someone else edited and published or fall onto my television with a beverage (anything from wine, to sherry, to tea, to lemon, honey and hot water). It's what I do to unwind at the end of a long day. I tape (DVR?) my shows so I can watch them when I want. I tape NBC nightly news every week day as well. A little taste of home. I love Brian Williams and just hearing the music cue up makes me happy. And Sunday night is movie night with the hubbie. Always a good time.


  1. Hate I missed your night out! But you are so live in Europe! How cool is that?!? Some days I blame London for any little problem. Then the next day I remember I get to live here and most of it is pretty great!

  2. I can post from my phone...London is amazing!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday. It is is wonderful you can see your blessings.

  4. Happy Birthday - I am glad that you had a good time.

  5. I was diagnosed with asthma in my mid thirties - apparently it's pretty common. I thought for weeks I just had a bad cough until a friend commented "I didn't know you had asthma."
    "I don't."
    "Oh yes you do, go see a doctor."
    She was right.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. I had childhood asthma which went in my teens but in my 40 has now returned. I thought I was just monumentally unfit so it (almost) made me feel better. I don't need my inhaler all the time fortunately but as Almost American said, it's pretty common. My mum was diagnosed at 60, having never had any problems before.

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    And thanks for all the encouraging info on asthma. I have to say - it threw me for a loop. I've never coughed more in my life. I'm sure to have a six pack stomach if this keeps up! Silver lining!

    @Quite Sensible Indeed: you and Kate were missed. Sorry you couldn't make it - next time!

  8. Bad luck about the asthma. I was diagnosed in my 20s - however, it was only due to an allergy to cats. Now I avoid cats, and have not had it since.

    I am glad you are starting to enjoy London. As the spring comes, you'll be able to get out and about more and visit some places. Have you been to Kew Gardens, Hampton Court etc? Definitely a lovely day out.

  9. I don't worry about birthday's anymore. I've decided I'll only worry when something actually falls off or stops working!

  10. It was my duty to spread a little Fancy on a day like that! x

  11. Since the cat died, my asthma has almost gone away! Extreme cold still triggers it though, so I'm not feeling so good this week and have been carrying my inhaler with me - usually I don't even know where it is!

  12. I often wonder why there has been such an increase in asthma sufferers in recent years...maybe pollution is to blame. Sorry to hear you have this problem, and I hope it doesn't get worse.

    Belated Happy Birthday xx

  13. Oh Happy Birthday soul mate.... asthma, what a nightmare.

    We'll shoot the cats before you come to stay next ........ xxx

  14. you're right ... you live in Europe! How cool is that? Some days, I blame London for every little problem. So the next day I remember I get to live here and most of it is pretty amazing!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday am only just beginning to catch up on posts xx


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