Friday, January 7, 2011

My lemon

I decided to make Ayak's lemon curd for some lemon meringue pie and cut open this lemon. I've never seen a lemon that had a seam down the center. It was so odd I had to take a picture of it. have you ever seen one like this?

Anyway, the lemon curd turned out beautifully and I highly recommend you try it. It's easy, doesn't take long and makes a really nice pie! I've made her shortbread too - fabulous.
I love lemons for a million things. I love hot water with lemon and honey - good creamy honey, not just any honey. I love chicken paillard and lemon spaghetti. I make both at least once a month. So I'm familiar with lemons. This one just caught my eye!


  1. Mmm that pie looks gorgeous! I love a big layer of lemon and not as much meringue. Mmmmm yum

  2. Oh my mouth's just gone all tingly.... I want that lemon meringue pie right now! Except for the top bit, ..... that looks like snow, ... tasty snow, but snow nontheless and we're snowed in again.. brrrr and grrrr!

  3. What an unusual lemon..I've never seen one like that.

    Glad the lemon curd turned out well and the lemon meringue pie looks wonderful....and the shortbread (I have to stop making it for a while because I'm eating far too much of it)

  4. Oh my goodness, may I pop over for a slice . . . I'll bring you some good honey!

    Your picture of the slighty curious lemon is gorgeous! It looks like something out of a cook book!

  5. I love hot water with honey and lemon.

    Oh, almost forgot about the dash of whiskey as well!


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