Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad, bad blogger this past week. I posted late on Sunday night and haven't blogged again all week. It's because I've been under the weather with this asthma thing. I  have pulled muscles in my ribs that hurt like mad when I cough - and I cough a lot. So I haven't been in the mood.

However, I've been doing a lot of research while I'm housebound (oh yes - ordered to 'relax'). I've been poring over the Internet for a new flat. If I just move to West Hampstead, South End Green or anywhere just outside of the NW3 post code we can get triple the space for the same price. And everywhere I've looked is just as charming and within walking distance to Hampstead. I'm really encouraged by this and can't wait to move. We're locked into a lease until late May so there's time to do it right. Then I don't want to move again until it's out of the country permanently!

Another bit of research is vacation spots. We decided our first trip outside of the UK should be exotic. So we decided Egypt would be best - and several friends are booked to go. Well, in light of the unrest in Cairo we've scrapped that idea. We hadn't even highlighted a back up spot so that's what I've been doing. Looking where we should go next. I'm thinking train is probably easiest so maybe Brussels or Paris. I'm really interested in Malta and Greece - as I haven't been to either. Fen wants to go to Madrid (I've been twice). We'll figure it out.

I received two tickets to the Destinations Holiday and Travel show next week at Earls Court so maybe something will strike my fancy while we're there. We'll see. It's nice to have a trip to look forward to, especially since we decided not to travel much the first year with X being so young and with being ripped off by our first landlord 'n' all.

AND, I received some good news - two of our top 3 schools have said Cate is in. I'm SO relieved. All that persistence, calling and following through paid off. it won't be confirmed in writing until April. Until then I remain skeptical but I know she's going to school around here so our hunt for a new place will revolve around that. Her current school is a half hour walk away right now. I've had enough of that this winter!

Well, that's me this week. Not exactly exciting. But how exciting can sitting around coughing your head off be? I'm just grumpy because all my favourite people are going to Quiz night tonight and I won't be there. Damn.


  1. Yes, please relax as much as you can so you can get better. You will be missed tonight at the pub quiz.

  2. Thanks Jaime! I told Brigid no one is allowed to have fun! But have fun anyway!

  3. Maybe you should consider Turkey (no I don't work for the Turkish Tourist Board...I just love it here!). There are some wonderful pics on a link from my most recent post.

    Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  4. Sorry you've been unwell :( What about Morocco? I really want to go and the best I could do at the moment is live vicariously through someone else! Moving house sounds great...good luck with the hunt.

  5. You should have been pouring wine, not over the Internet! That would have been a guaranteed bit of help! x

  6. I saw a funny about Egypt. (Serious face)..... Yes I do know that the situation in Egypt is NOT funny - BUT ..... I read a Tweet that said due to the unrest and the fact that the Egyptian government had switched off the World Wide Web etc.. that the country should henceforth be known as gypt.... Tickled me.

  7. You shouldn't be coughing if you have been prescribed strong enough inhalers. My cough lasted years until a new doctor had the brains to actually prescribe asthma inhalers, and what do you know, it stopped instantly.

    Mind you, now I'm living in Northern Sweden where temperatures sometimes drop to minus 35 centigrade or lower, and I do cough occasionally again!!


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