Thursday, December 2, 2010

The X Man Turns one

On Tuesday my little man turned one! I cannot believe I don't have a baby anymore - he is a little boy. Granted he loves his mommy and runs to me when things aren't going well but he's fiercely independent and loves the explore. I find myself running after him all the time now. He's a climber - heavy sigh.

We started the day with porridge, his favourite and then we headed off to the Peppa Pig Party - a play held at the Criterion Theatre in Piccadilly Circle. Both kids love Peppa so when I won tickets on his birthday from Janis at Really Kid Friendly I was ecstatic. So Cate got a day off from school and we bundled up the kids because it SNOWED!!
We headed over to Piccadilly on the tube and made our way to the theatre, much to the delight of both kids - it was wet, slushy snow with big flakes so Cate giggled the whole way loving it. X sat snuggled in his pram under a plastic wrap but he kept laughing because Cate was (beyond cute).

I was a little worried X would want to walk around and never sit still so when we got there and after we loaded up on the kiddie paraphernalia - snacks, drinks, a flashing, whirling colorful wand with Peppa on it, we settled in and I fished out a bottle for X. Then the show began:
Both kids were enraptured. It was very cute! X sat back and drank it in, he danced when the music played, clapped when everyone clapped and waved goodbye. Cate was right up in the thick of it - I think she wanted to go on stage! She did manage to break the wand I bought her before we even left but it's fixable. And she managed to finagle a balloon so she made out quite nicely. We had lunch and went home to bake a cake for the mini-impromptu party we threw. We invited the kids in the building and sang, had cake and had fun. X did not care for his cake. Ah well.

Overall, lovely day. I cannot believe my baby is a toddler already. He's a good fella, my little love! Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to little X! That cake looks delish, it's a shame he wasn't interested in it. I'd have fought Cate off for a bit though! Peppa pig show sounds fun, I hope they bring it up here. I really like it, maybe more than the kids LOL

  2. Oh Happy Birthday X..... Biggest Birthday cake I've EVER seen...(he,he)


    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I am so jelous of the P.P. show my Youngling loves the TV programme. Ok so I am like Laura and I really enjoy it too. Take care xx

  4. Happy Birthday!!! X looks really thrilled.

  5. Happy Birthday to the little guy...sounds like you all had a wonderful time xx

  6. Three cheers for the X man! Happy Birthday. And well done Mom.

  7. Happy Birthday to little X.

    That smile is priceless!

  8. Happy belated Birthday wishes, Little X! Great you had a lovely day. Ciao. A.


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