Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nothing Says Christmas Like Snow Covered Palm Trees

This is the view from my lounge window today. It's snowing - and it's coming down in buckets. Everything always looks so much more beautiful with a nice white coating of powder, doesn't it?

I just think it's funny - having grown up in the Bahamas, palm and coconut trees are comforting to me - love 'em. So when we saw this building with the palms in front I knew it was the right place to move (considering all the trouble we had it was the right move at the time). But now it's winter and the palms covered in snow is madness! How on earth are they surviving this? Guess they're a hearty breed of palm.

Regardless, I love it. I used to think it wasn't Christmas until I saw twinkle lights wrapped around a palm tree trunk. Now I think snow on a palm is the way to go!


  1. Beautiful pictures. It is strange how a little snow can make turn a cold day into a winter wonderland.

    Congratulations on the nomination. I now have to set aside my reservations with the whole BMB thing and go and vote for you.

  2. Thanks Spencer. BMB is fantastic. The founders are all wonderful. You should join!

  3. I'm jealous, they said it was supposed to be 'artic weather' over here in Ireland and only the west got snow! You're lucky!

  4. Cold isn't it! Same scene here in the Herefordshire countryside!
    Congratulations on the nomination !!!!! Good luck

  5. We had a similar view of our garden up here in Cheshire where the Gulf Stream normally keeps us warm....a quick thaw and even quicker re-freeze gave us icicles hanging from the palm leaves. Too cold to go and take photos.
    Our son was stuck on the motorway freeze-up
    ( four hours ) Bored trapped motorist and families built snowmen on the fast lane.
    There was a lot of yellow snow too.

  6. I am a new follower! YEAY!!! Hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  7. Cool palm trees, very architectural ........ cool, geddit!? Our pampas grass looks just as good.



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