Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest Post at Beckicklesie...

I'm guest blogging over at Becca's blog at the moment. Go and have a looksee. I asked Becca for a recipe from Cheffy Daddy (her partner is a chef) and he sent over the cutest recipe ever - for meringue snowmen. It took two days (because of time) but Cate was thrilled with the outcome. It's fairly easy, loads of fun and delish! 

With the kids home for the holidays - it's a nice afternoon or two for you. Just don't let them eat too many in one sitting - they are pure sugar (but you can eat as many as you like!)

Becca is an absolute doll and her blog as well as Cheffy Daddy Daily, Oui Chef competitions are fantastic reads, loads of recipes, great giveaways, competitions it's just chock full of goodness. Go have a gander you might stay there for hours.


Go ahead, make my day!