Monday, December 20, 2010

A good day?

Today has turned out to be a good day - I think. First Cate developed a fever, after I came back from a big shopping haul. I gave her some meds, a snack and drink and set her up on the sofa. For a special treat I said she could watch any movie she wanted. I knew she'd say, 'Princess-rella' which is what she has called Cinderella since she could speak. But she said, 'I want Cinderella.' My soul was crushed just a tad to see she is, indeed, growing up.(She's currently feeling fine and playing Candyland with her brother who is trying to eat the cards)

I just nodded and turned on the television. It was tuned to Nick Jr. as I set about getting the DVD in order.  To by complete surprise X waddled over, pulled the binky/dummy out of his mouth, pointed and said - clear as a bell - 'Peppa!' Peppa Pig was on. It's his first word (other than Mama and Dada). I was stunned and delighted. He speaks!

I applauded him and called Fen into the room to marvel at our wee son's genius. He didn't say it again, but was clearly pleased with himself.

And then two things dawned on me - both of my kids are growing up. I don't have a baby anymore. An overwhelming urge to have another washed over me like a tsunami. I can't seem to shake it. There is NO WAY I'm having another child but'd be nice...

They say you forget about how hard pregnancy and childbirth is - also the first six months of a child's life. And it's so very true. One of the reasons why I started this blog when I was 7 months pregnant was to remind myself of how rough the last trimester is... so I look back at last year. Here are the 10 dumbest things said to me while pregnant, the last illness I had while with child,  the realization that a BABY is on the way, hormonal freak outs and then more freak outs followed by sleeplessnes and, of course, sweet, sweet bliss:



  1. Oh, that video is wonderful! Cate and X are growing up, but they'll always be your babies!

  2. A gorgeous video to have and to cherish. I know just what you mean about the little ones growing up; I remember exactly the same feeling when #2 learned to say hiccups instead of hid-e-gots!

  3. What a beautiful video clip. Memories to cherish xx

  4. I hopped over to your 10 worse things said to you during your pregnancy. Lest you think I was laughing at you let me clarify (just in case I want to present a novel to you) that it was merely the hiccups. :-)

  5. Ah, this is so sweet! It must be a wonderful feeling to watch your children grow and develop :-)

  6. Oh that's lovely. Cate looks so chuffed with herself.

    Number 5 is the best!


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