Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favourite London Christmas Lights

One thing that I really, truly love about London at this time of the year is the British know how to bring the Christmas spirit. The food alone in every store is delectable and so in the spirit, I love it. We're staying here through the holidays and our dance card is filling up with fun things to do. Last weekend we took a shopping trip through Regent and Oxford Streets and
Carnaby Street with a space theme

The tree at Covent Garden

Hamleys window


House of Fraser

Liberty of London's window

Marks and Spencer on Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Debenhams on Oxford Street


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  2. I love the Carnaby Street ones! We won't be going to London before Christmas so I'll share these photos with Toby instead, when he gets home from school!

  3. wow, marks and spencer went all out!

    i love the outer space theme on carnaby street. and of course harrods. who WOULDN'T love harrods?

  4. The London lights are always fantastic. I was in my hometown for the switching on of the lights a few weeks ago and it was so disappointing.

  5. I grew up in London and used to love going "up west" to see the lights. It's many years ago now, so thanks for sharing your pics.

  6. Wow, it all looks so amazing and unlike anything I've seen here - my Mum is heading to the UK next week to spend the Christmas season there so I'll have to show these pics to her...

  7. You braved Oxford Street in London at Christmas time?! Well done!!

  8. Definitely useful one for a family celebration in London… The pics shared take us to London Christmas celebrations… Anyone would love to fly to London on seeing this…Chauffeur services London would help you when you travel across London with your family…

  9. Ahh, thanks for posting - you're right, this makes me just as nostalgic as you were reading my New York post! x

  10. I saw Fortnum's window and that was beautiful.

    I love the look of Carnaby Street.


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