Saturday, December 11, 2010

British Mummy Bloggers Holiday Luncheon

Earlier this week I attended the British Mummy Blogger's luncheon which was just heaps of fun. X came with me and is usually no trouble at all. But after lunch I could tell he'd had enough. He'd skipped his nap so after he ate he was ready to hit the hay. Unfortunately I was seated as far from the entrance as possible and couldn't bring the pram over to the table and was going to sneak out early as to not make a scene. Well, the security guard wouldn't hear of it and after a bit of an ordeal, they carried my pram (sans X) through the food prep area and into the back of the restaurant - St. Martin's in the Field Crypt at Trafalgar Square - to have little X sleep soundly, and peacefully for the rest of the lunch. And if was a wonderful affair.

I sat at a table with the two Sarahs from Muddy Puddles, Maria from Mummy's Busy World (and Little M!!!) Sandy from Baby Baby, and Uju (and Jed!) from Babes About Town.They were each more lovely than the next. We all got along swimmingly. There were so many people to meet.
 The food was amazing and plentiful. We started with beautiful and HUGE seafood salad (featured below), followed by a full turkey dinner with stuffing, gravy, roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips - I couldn't even eat it all. There was wine and the conversation flowed.
Heinz sponsored the event and we had to guess the secret ingredient - we all knew it was Heinz 57 tomato sauce in the seafood salad dressing, but were surprised it was also in the stuffing! They presented us with a goodie bag with a giant bottle of Heinz, an apron, wooden spoon, and a magnet - very nice of them indeed. Muddy Puddles also gave a wonderful waterproof bag with wrist cosies, glove savers, and neck chubes all of which are perfect for Cate right now. She's already wearing them all.

My favourite was the secret book exchange. I brought a book on dreams that I have several copies of. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my name in it so I hope whoever got it was as happy as I was with the book I received from Hannah at Muddling Along Mummy. Unfortunately, we didn't meet. Hopefully next time or at CyberMummy. The book is A Slice of Organic Life by Sheheradzade Goldsmith. I've been poring over it for days loving it. I don't think I'll keep chickens or geese or raise a pig here in London - I think the  neighbors would complain, but the baking, windowsill gardening, saving energy, making wine, shopping locally, perserving, chutneys and jam - all have HUGE potential for me and the kids.

I only caught two of the readers of their Holiday posts. One was from Anna at The Beauty Glo which you can read here. Very sweet and clever. I did not catch the name of the other reader so please let me know who she was so I can say hello!

As mentioned, I met so many lovely women, including the organizers: Karin at Cafe Bebe, Susanna at A Modern Mother, and Jen of Jenography. They did an amazing job and made sure everyone was having a good time. I hope they had fun themselves.

As I've said in the past, joining my women's club and writing this blog have really been my saving graces throughout this very, very trying year. I'm so glad I took the initiative on both accounts.


  1. Lovely post madame! Thanks so much for the high praise. I still need to make sure that St. Martin's knows about how wonderful Warren, the security guard, is!

    If you're able, share any photos you have at You could be the first! :)

    Hope to see you again and have a proper conversation! Until then, happy holidays!

    :) Karin

  2. It was so nice to meet you and glad you had a nice time. I did too.

  3. It sounds like great fun and a nice reward for all you hard working mums.

  4. It was so lovely to meet you and X was just gorgeous. I'm so glad you could stay to the end. x


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