Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things that go bump in the night...

Around 5am this morning X cried out. I snapped awake and lay there, ears zeroing in, waiting for the follow through. It didn't come for another hour but it didn't matter - my mind had already switched on and I started to think. That is the WORST thing in the world when you're laying in bed with a few hours left to sleep. Once my mind hooks onto something - usually my to do list, or a single thought that requires processing - I'm up for the day. Although I've had some real break-through/fabulous ideas -  lightbulb-over-the-head  moments some mornings.

I checked on both kids - both fast asleep and content in their beds and then went back to bed to sleep for a few more hours. Nope. Not today. X had an allergic reaction to salmon yesterday which was a big shocker as he's had it before. He blew up like a puffer fish and I had to dash off to an emergency NHS to make sure he was okay. I have to make an appointment to take him to our regular NHS today. That's the thought that shook me out of sleep.

Then I ran through the rest of my to do list in my head. I'm delighted that one of my projects debuts on the NY Times bestseller list this week (at #4!). Thank you and congratulations notes/gifts must be done. What I was going to write, what I was going to send, when I'd have time to do it today? Then I switched over to the project I'm in the middle of going out with - the list of people I'm sending it to - who has it, is the pitch right, etc. etc. It's fine but at 5am I'm thinking of ways to improve it. I have three things out there that need following up too. And I know it's fine and I'll get it done but it's 5am!

Next, I thought about Christmas gifts, who's left on my list to buy for, what I should buy and where I should get it. X's first birthday is coming up - big party, small party, no party? We've won family tickets to the Peppa Pig show on his birthday and we're going to see Santa at Selfridges that afteroon and having some neighbors for cake - is that enough? I think maybe so!

Then I balanced the check book, ran over the schedule of phone calls I need to make this afternoon, decided to make muffins with Cate this afternoon as our Mommy-Cate time activity while the nanny is here to entertain X. She needs a haircut (Cate, not the nanny) so I need to make that appointment for Monday afterschool. Have to sign up for the ballet classes in January for her. X needs a music class. Fen and X needs socks and I have a 30% coupon off at the Gap this week so I better go soon. Have guests in town next week and the week after for Thanksgiving and they will need entertaining so I need to confirm reservations with them and change if necessary. We need baby formula, blueberries, milk, butter, Cheerios (they don't have regular Cheerios over here - so disappointing), the list went on.

I thought about my younger sister and her cancer battle, she's asked for help with a project that I need to get back to her regarding at some point today. This weekend I need to hit a few stores and ask for prizes for the school raffle, I really need to do pilates this morning sometime, I have a lunch with four friends today which I'm looking forward to - what should I wear? I need to meet another acquaintence who's asked for writing advice after lunch and then pick up Cate.

I joined a writing group which I'm really ecstatic about and have to start formulating some sort of plan for that. I'm organizing a press thing for next week for my women's club (already wrote the press release so that's good). And the list goes on and on. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.

At 5:45 I realized I'd been awake for almost an hour and squeezed my eyes shut hoping I'd drop off. I was just starting to let my mind drift when X cried out with real purpose fifteen minutes later. Ah well...Who needs more than 6 hours sleep?

Now I'm up and just procrastinating by blogging before dressing the kids and calling NHS. I will get it all done today. And I've already started my list for tomorrow. Don't get me wrong - I like being busy. However, I like sleeping more.


  1. Oh I can SOOOO relate to this post, Erin. I've also been waking up at 5 am with my ginormous to-do list and running through it, writing emails in my head, constructing blog posts etc. Yikes! One thing I did do is to order all the Hannukah presents on Amazon last week. I just needed to take that off my list and felt so much better once I did. My son has extensive food allergies so if you ever need some advice, talk to me. (PS: It's always the second time they react b/c they need to be sensitized 1st before having the reaction)

    Delia Lloyd

  2. Me too. Though sometimes I like being awake, writing in the middle of the night while my brood sleep.

    Boy oh boy you're a busy bee.... hope you're taking supplements for the winter.


  3. There must be somewhere we can send these younglings for a night or two so that we can actually get some proper sleep for once?

    I too am like you in that when I'm awake my mind races with to-do lists and past activites etc. I can never switch off. So frustrating. Of course all my creative thoughts come at 3:35am when I am rocking Youngling back to sleep, with no pen and paper to hand! Typical.

    Right off to get more coffee ;-)
    Take care, Kate Collings xx

  4. I love sleep, which is a real problem for an insomniac!

  5. Great post - I completely relate.

    Congratulations on the NY Times bestseller list!! That's fantastic.

  6. When children are ill it's almost impossible to get proper sleep. Hope all is fine now.


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