Friday, November 5, 2010

Kitchen Smackdown, Part Deux

Back in June I posted about the Toaster Wars in my house. I thought that it was over - oh no, it certainly is not.

Fen started causing trouble again and was precariously close to losing dinner privileges once again. This time it's over cups and bowls.

As most women (and many men) will agree - the kitchen belongs to us. Men may come in to raid the refrigerator, reach something off a high shelf, unplug a drain, change a light bulb or do the dishes (okay, stop laughing!) but they have no say in what goes where and how things are done.

Fen had decided that the children's bowls and cups should be arranged in the order he has decreed acceptable. He was toying with death. For about two weeks now I've taken down two heavy plastic bowls - the ones for babies that are separated into two halves - and placed them on the counter to remind me to drop them off at a charity bin. I have the little Ikea bowls on a shelf in front and the little cups stacked behind them. Fen has been putting the two baby bowls back on the shelf in the back with the bowls on top and the cups in front.

While this may seems small to many of you - it drives me batty. I use the bowls more often than the cups and like them in front where I can reach them. And I keep forgetting to take the baby bowls because they are continually put back up on the shelf.

This morning I rearranged everything and left the kitchen for a spilled cereal bowl emergency (as you do) and when I turned around sneaky Fen was in there changing it around. Once again we started nicely, then gauntlets were thrown and it was knives at dawn. He said he was tired of the mess so he wanted to tidy it up. Ah, silly man.

Let's suffice it to say the baby bowls are now at Oxfam, the cups are stacked in the back, the bowls are in the front, Fen has a packed lunch and order has once been restored at Chez 'Cross the Pond. And no one got hurt as you can see...


  1. They do try but Will they ever learn?

  2. PMSL . . . my Hubby never knows where anything is cause I keep changing stuff around.
    He wouldn't dare change anything :-)!

  3. Oh I completely get where you are coming from - sometimes they need to just butt-out!
    Glad you put your foot down.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Quite frankly he can come here and re-arrange to his heart's content ( there an apostrophe there?..... so many questions so few answers)... I honestly don't think I'd notice. Send him over!

  5. I know the feeling. My Other Half does the cooking, but the cleaning up afterwards is mainly my duty. But I get fed up with the amount of dishes and pots and pans he uses. Ah well........ the food is good. Glad you have things happily resolved.

  6. I would have gone nuts too! In my house the kitchen is my domain, and everything has it's place :-)


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