Monday, November 1, 2010

Early Learning Centre to The Rescue

Last week a wonderful package arrived and just in the nick of time. and the Early Learning Centre sent over a few toys for review. And, MAN, were they welcome. As you know Cate was home for two weeks straight, under the weather, bored and ready to smash her poor brother to bits. I was exhausted from separating the two and getting close to the breaking point.

The giant box rolled in and both kids gathered round to see what was in it. It was like Christmas day in this house. For Cate there was the  HappyLand Windmill Farm.
Talk about a HIT. She loved it. It's an adorable little windmill farm with two characters, horses, sheep, a cow, a cart with a bushel of apples. The best part for Cate was the lovely dining table set up for tea for two. The windmill turns and plays music which Cate loved. She sat down immediately and began playing with it - for almost an hour and a half!

In the other box was The Stack and Drop Froggy which we set up and he got right into it:
I think he liked knocking it over best of all. We had a grand time building it up, putting a balls through (the flashing ball is by far the most fascinating and tasty - as X gummed it for ages) and then knocking it down. He played contentedly with it for a long time.

For over an hour I did not have to play referree. They both played with their new toys and ignored each other until lunchtime. I could not belive it. Honestly, the toys were a lifesaver last week!

After lunch, I put X down for his nap and was going to suggest playing Candyland or crafts to her. Here's what she did instead:
When the mouse is asleep....! Hey, whatever works. She played with both toys quietly for over two hours. I actually got some work done and made an uninterupted phone call. I made a decision to keep these toys out of reach and only bring them down at the end of the day when things are going downhill. This way they are 'special'. It has worked beautifully so far. Keep your fingers crossed!

So I went to the Early Learning Centre site to peruse. They're having a half term/half price sale at the moment and there are some great buys. I've earmarked a few things for Cate and X for Christmas. And X's first birthday is November 30th!! I can't believe it. Take a look!

And a big thank you to - as always!


  1. Hey any toys that keep little ones busy for that length of time are worth their weight in gold. I will keep them in mind for the grandkids.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today too.
    I will come back to check up and find out why you are in London from NY, sounds fascinating.

  2. I love ELC! Tobes is nearly seven and it's such a shame he's too old for lots of their stuff now - I've spent many a happy hour shopping there!


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