Sunday, October 3, 2010

School Girl

Tomorrow Cate starts school - granted it's only nursery and it's only for half-days, but it's the beginning of her academic career and the dawn of her independence. I'm so excited and thrilled for her but a tad sad and nostalgic for myself.

I completely remember my first day of school. I was in the afternoon class (12:30 - 3pm) of Kindergarten/reception at Xavier's College in Nassau, Bahamas, a nice Catholic school that my older sister and brother attended. I was envious of them dressing and being whisked off to school each morning and couldn't wait to join them. They always brought great stories of recess and lunchtime, friends and classes where they did art and letters. I desperately wanted in.

Our housekeeper and babysitter, a lovely Bahamian woman named Marion, dressed me for school with my plaid pinafore, white peter-pan collared shirt, green cross tie, white socks and black mary-janes. I felt so important and she kept saying how I was a big girl now as I was going off to school to learn. She was geniunely happy for me and a little teary eyed. My parents both showed up to take me to school - they both worked but took the time off to escort me on my big day.

My sister showed up when we got out of the car and walked with me toward the kindergarten classroom. I remember walking inside and meeting my teacher whose name escapes me. Then I vaguely recall them leaving but I was fine with it - there were toys and a sandpit and even paint jars in the corner - this was good stuff! I briefly remember the rest of my time there - yet some of the people in that class are still friends of mine. It was the dawn of my education and independence. It's where I learned how to have friends, to read and write and become my own person. I loved it (wish I could say that I loved university as well but I didn't! Maybe it was the lack of toys).

Now it's Cate's turn. I hope she's as excited as I am - although she is a year younger than I was when I started school (I didn't go to nursery).But tomorrow is her big day - I know I'm going to tear up once we drop her off.

I wish you well, my little love!

(For the record - she will not be wearing the blue tutu to school tomorrow!)


  1. Wishing her good luck and lots of fun!

  2. Good luck...I hope it goes well xx

  3. Ah first day of school! She's going to have so many little adventures


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