Monday, October 4, 2010

Nary a glance....

Well, Cate took to nursery like a duck to water. We walked in and she pulled off her coat, pushed through the door, pulled up a chair at the play-doh table and began to create. I spoke with the teachers, hung her coat and went to say goodbye. She barely even looked up at me.

'Okay, Cate. Mommy and Daddy are leaving,' I said with a lump in my throat.

'Bye Mommy,' she said nonchalantly.

I walked over and gave her a hug to which she returned with one arm - the other never let go of the rolling pin.

'See  you later, Chicken,' I said after a few seconds of hugging.

'Okay,' she cheerily retorted and went back to her clay.

We left and I doubt she even noticed.

I went off to a meeting and Fen picked her up at 11. She was happy to see him and said goodbye to everyone. When I got home she ran up to hug and kiss and let me know she played with toys all morning.

'School is fun,' she announced.

And she's looking forward to going again tomorrow.

I'm thrilled for her.  I was nostalgic and teary for about half an hour until she started to beg to paint, play hide-and-seek, watch TV and go to the park. School is going to be very, very good for both of us methinks.


  1. Ah that's great. Glad she got off to a good start x

  2. That's good news!

    I dropped my little lad off at nursery once and he ran straight off to play with the stack of lego they have. I wondered over to give him a kiss goodbye and he said,

    "Are you still here?"

  3. ladies, thanks for the good wishes. Spencer - that had me laughing out loud. Today she had a little separation anxiety and didn't want me to leave. I did but she was fine about two seconds later. I'm still a wreck!


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