Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's the little things

Today I had an hour all to myself. I had a long  list of errands I had to run on the High Street so I took off up the hill with a spring in my step. Which, you'll know if you've been following me for a while, hasn't happened often here. And if you've known me for a long time - it's the way I am usually.

Things have been going well and not so well at the same time but in the end the good is outweighing the bad. Both kids have rotten coughs and X is miserable. Poor little duck. He's not a happy boy. I've cancelled a few plans to stay at home with him. I threw out my back the other day reaching for something on a top shelf and I had a sore throat for about three days. I really dislike being ill, I guess no one  does, but for me the only thing worse is my kids feeling ill.

But, despite all of that Cate is already being accepted into some of my top five schools. I'm delighted.We have several to hear back from but I'm very, very happy that she's going to be in a good school next year and for the next few formative years. I just can't wait to see her in a uniform!!

My social life is picking up - WAY up. I'm busy all the time and making some really wonderful friends - who aren't all American! Shocking. I've joined playgroups for X so he now has his own friends and we'll be able to throw  him a proper birthday party! I hope! It's around Thanksgiving so I'll have to plan accordingly.

Last night I was out with the board for my women's club for the annual dinner and it was just great fun. My first real friend here in the UK, who moved here about two months after us but I met through this blog, she's also on the board so that's nice. And I've met two wonderful writers through this blog that I think have great potential (you know who you are - stop reading this and get back to writing!!)

I'm having folks over to the Winnebago (that's the nickname for our small flat) tonight, Sunday and Tuesday. I love planning a menu, shopping for all the ingredients, cooking and then serving. The clean up I'll leave to Fen. He doesn't mind.

So when I woke up this morning and knew I had an hour to get out for errands, I was in a good mood. I did my errands and then wandered around window shopping and buying a few Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and a few things for the kids. The High Street here in Hampstead is great for window shopping and just wandering - I love the shops, the Oak Studio with their crafts, the restaurants, book stores, the antique market, Mystical Fairies - they're all just interesting and pique my interest every time. Then I stopped at the Hampstead Creperie. It's an institution around here and a special treat for me from time to time.  All the people who work there are French and it seems that half the people buying are French. I love that. I got a sugary delish crepe and then went home to share it with Fen.

London is starting to feel like home.


  1. I'm glad that London is starting to feel like home.

    I also hope that the dinner goes well!

  2. Yay! I must admit you're in a great part though! I was a south west and west London girl myself but spent some time in Hampstead this summer. Lovely. Just watch out for pop stars crashing their cars into shop windows!!

  3. Thanks everyone! And Toni - I've had a few celebrity sightings in the 'hood. I wrote about George Michael smashing up Snappy Snaps in July. Hilarious:

  4. I'm really pleased you're settling in so nicely. Having a group of local friends makes all the difference. Looking forward to seeing you out my way one day...!

  5. You sound so settled and happy - lovely news!

  6. Making friends and settling into your new city is wonderful, sore throat and all :-)

  7. It's lovely to see you so settled and happy now xx

  8. I am glad things seem on the up now xx


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