Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hootchi mommas in the house

I've been replaced...sort of.  My daughter has a lovely little doll house that came complete with a mommy, daddy and baby. A few weeks ago she misplaced the mommy and was upset about it. Daily she asked me to find it but I honestly have no idea where it's run off to (but I understand her need to get away). So the poor little family pressed on without a mommy.

Until yesterday - Cate replaced the mommy with TWO tiny-barbie-esqe dolls complete with long flowing hair, anatomically impossible figures, back breakingly high heels and micro-mini skirts. What is wrong with this picture?

Fen is fine with this and finds it amusing - which it is. So I asked Cate, 'Why are there two mommies?' They were all lined up in bed together with the daddy. To which she explained, 'Not two mommies, Mommy. This one is mommy.'

She held up the hoochiest of the two.

'This one is Cate.' She cheerily announced while holding up the second doll.

'Who is this?' I asked holding up the baby.

'That's X!' She just about rolled her eyes at me.

So I haven't really been replaced with two mommies - she's just brought herself into the picture as she is a big girl, not a baby and has made room for her little brother in her doll house. I see she's managed to make it into our bed in her perfect world as well. Good for her.

And I'm looking rather svelt, if not a tad trampy - it's a win win for everyone


  1. Can't figure out which one is you. Are you the one with the daemonic eyes and the pink mini dress or the bleached blond shakin' her thang!?
    Personally either way I'd be pleased as currently I look more like Fen!


  2. ha ha brilliant!! the bigger mommy looks like a man in drag with a spray on tan. I hope you're the smaller more dainty hoochi mom!

  3. I did notice that Daddy is grinning from ear to ear!

  4. Lou - I'm the taller daemonic eyed beauty. Lucky me!

    EmmaK - Sorry - I'm the beast.

    James - the real daddy is quite pleased with arrangement as well.

  5. I am afraid to be so straight forward but there is something very wrong with your hair ... :)

  6. I'm with James, Dad does look rather happy :-)

  7. Okay now, you're gonna have to learn the lingo - it's mummy, not mommy, anymore :)

  8. Cute story! But that baby's awfully chubby.

  9. Ah bless. Hi I'm Kate your newest follower. Luckily my Youngling hasnt taken to pointing out the differences between his mum and others mums, be they plastic or not. lol. Kids really do and say the funniest things.
    Take care and I look forward to reading more.
    Kate Collings
    xx - Always welcoming new friends and followers xx

  10. Now that there is four, Daddy may have to build an extension.


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