Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the fog lifts....

I've been a sleep deprived ditz all week. Most of this week was spent taking Cate to doctor's appointments, wrestling her to the ground to administer medicine, bribing her to use her inhaler, cuddling her when she collapsed in coughing fits, watching her sleep to make sure she's all right and then giving some attention to my son. And doing laundry... the never ending laundry.

Overall I think I averaged 5 hours sleep a night - not consecutive either. It's still amazing to me what I can accomplish with next to no sleep - but dealing with the kids is the toughest. After being housebound for three days Cate was just pounding her poor brother. I had to keep them in separate rooms. The nanny did a few extra hours this week!

There were a few high points - I had a lovely lunch with a new friend, coffee with a few other friends, dinner with another, a few meetings, closed on a deal, held a successful tutorial for the interns at our office, went on my final (I hope) school tour, garnered a few prizes for the my women's club tombola and sold a few raffle tickets. I even found £20 on the sidewalk - I called Fen and told him I found it and was heading to the butcher to buy filet mignon for dinner. He was thrilled!! I grilled it and then made an herb butter sauce, asparagus and creamy garlic mashed potatoes - it was ridiculously decadent and delish.  I suppose I could have used it for something else, but I wanted a treat!

With all that going on my blog suffered. I mentioned I needed a little hiatus, and I suppose this week was it. Cate is doing considerably better and next week during half term she is taking a Brazilian drumming class, a cooking class and a face painting class. Gotta keep her busy! So blogging may have to take the back seat again.


  1. It's hard when there are so many things to juggle when the children are young, but now I look back to those days with a fondness and nostalgia I would never have thought possible. Sounds as if you are really doing great. The kids won't perhaps remember you blogging when they grow up, but they will remember the time you spend with them. Every Blessing

  2. I'm amazed that you can fit so much into a week on so little sleep. On the other hand I can remember doing much the same many years ago when my kids were's exhausting isn't it?

    Glad to hear Cate is doing well. xx

  3. Totally understandable about the blogging break. We're on half term this week and we're all looking forward to the time together and the extra sleep. Glad to hear Cate's better.

  4. I think I had a mini-blogging break. I really wasn't interested in my blog at all this week but I think I'm back now refreshed and ready to start again!

    I hope you enjoy your break!

  5. Sometimes it's not that you're not interested, it's that the week is flying by and the blogging spot gets filled with an extra load of laundry or a trip to drop a child off somewhere or an emergency defrosting of the freezer! Don't let it bother you, we're still out here reading.


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