Sunday, September 12, 2010

X is on the move!

My little man is mobile! While we were in NY he decided to start crawling. After weeks of rocking back and forth on his hands and knees - he decided to go for it. Now he's an unstoppable crawling machine. It's CUTE but we're not baby proofed yet.

This afternoon I'm getting on my hands and knees with the babyproofing paraphenalia to secure anything that looks problematic.

I guess I should be happy that he's not falling on his head much these days. He was starting to look like he'd gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson with all the bruises on his forhead from falling over. Now he's more stable, thank heavens.

He's delighted with his new freedom and can now wander from room to room at will. We're putting up gates today as well so this will be upsetting to his majesty but I'm sure he will survive.

The only one who is NOT happy with the recent development is Cate. X's favourite thing to do it crawl over to her and start exploring whatever she's playing with. He's even reached up and taken the pacifier out of her mouth. She is over this and I've heard her saying sternly, 'Naughty baby. Naughty, naughty baby.' Yesterday she gave him two minutes on the naughty chair. I thought it was so funny I sat him up there with a cookie for a few minutes just to make her happy.

I think the wars between siblings are going to take off in earnest soon. Not sure how to handle that but I'm sure I'll wade through. I hope they become close and loving toward each other at some point. Cate seems to love her little brother - or lil brudder as she says. She likes to show him off and hug him - sometimes a little too tightly. It's sweet to watch. X thinks Cate is the cats pyjamas! Everything she does is fascinating and no one - not even me, can make him laugh as much as she can. He adores her. Very sweet.

Right now X is napping and Cate has a tea party set up on the lounge floor: all her dollies are in attendence. I've warned her to pick it up before X wakes up. She won't. I'm prepared for tears and disappointment but she'll have to learn the hard way if she won't listen to me!

So for now I enjoy the peace and blog a little before we head out for the day. It's beautiful weather and I'm anxious to get out and see the village and get back into the swing of things.

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  1. All of it sounds like an adventure. Shouts of "that baby did something bad!!" used to ring through our house. Transatlantic-ing is not easy (hello from Edinburgh via Italy and all over the US) with kids in tow, but it is fun.


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