Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Year Anniversary is approaching

On Wednesday, September 29th I celebrate one year of blogging on 'Cross the Pond (or I can't believe it's only been a year. A lot has happened since I sat down (plopped is more likely) last year to pen a blog to help me through my pregnancy and the move/transition to London. It seems like a world away. Here is that first post.

A year ago on September 29th that terrible Samoan earthquake and tsunami happened. My husband's father and family is from Samoa (not American Samoa) and his uncle went missing. He's okay but it was weeks before anyone heard from him.

I was seven months pregnant with X who was a big fella (still is). I was traveling to and from the office on the F train to Manhattan every day. How I managed those subway stairs is still a mystery to me. I can barely trot up the hill to the High street every day and I'm about as far from pregnant you can get!

We were happily living in Brooklyn in our large, comfy two bedroom apartment with the fireplace and GIANT washer and dryer. (Sniff...I need a minute to mourn these things).

The NY Yankees defeated the Kansas City Royals 4-3.

The Senate Finance committee rejected two Democratic proposals for a Public Option for Health Care reform debate (which I find interesting seeing how things are now for the Health Care system in the US).

My daughter was an only child. My sister thought her cancer was in remission, my husband worked every night - including Friday and Saturday, I was poring over boy names and Fen and I were already packing for our baby-moon trip to the Bahamas.

Since then we had our little man X, packed everything we owned and moved to London where we got rid of half of it almost immediately (remember the boxes?) . We're in our fourth apartment (and hopefully final). I've potty trained Cate, found her a school, found her a great nanny, several sitters, a ballet class, art class and even found a music class for X. Things are coming along.

It's funny, last year at this point I was full of wonder and hope. Who would my little baby be? What would London be like? I was in the honeymoon stage. Now I'm here and X is an adorable, good baby and while London isn't quite what I expected, it's good!

Who knows what the next year will bring? So raise your glass for a wee toast to 'Cross the Pond. We're one year old!


  1. Congrats! I'm looking forward to reading about your second year of blogging and where it takes you. xx

  2. Congratulations, Erin. A Big landmark. So glad you've joined us bloggers cross the pond!

    Delia Lloyd

  3. Oooo - congrats on your one year blogaversary!

    Whey!Here's to many more *Cheers*

    Becca x

  4. Congratulations, I can imagine it's flown by. Do you ever imagine what you'd do if you didn't have your blog? I think that sometimes, it becomes so much part of your day to day life doesn't it? Well done you!

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Isn't it crazy how a year goes by so fast?!?!

  6. Wow! that's a rather full on year! Great to hear all is going well and I hope it will only get better for you :)

  7. I am so with you on the washer/dryer thing. It was a murderous adjustment. I did end up getting a dryer (I am a wuss, I'll admit it), but we still use our hanging dryer (aka 'the underwear tree') too. Hope the next year is as good to you as this one sounds like it has been.

  8. Wow - what a year! Congratulations on all the changes. London is a great city - glad it's working out for you. Here's to a second year that's just as fruitful.
    I'll be going back and reading your first posts, as I'm currently pregnant with my first child so intrigued to hear all about your experience with a newborn, especially as, like me, your hometown was another new addition to your life...

  9. Felicitations! What a year you've had. Yesterday was my one year anniversary of living in France. It's amazing all the changes that we can go through in 12 months.
    Cheers to another year of blogging and living :-)

  10. Well done on the anniversary. I hope the blogging has helped you make the transition from one life to another.x

  11. Congrats! Been following for awhile, but just started to go back and read where your journey began. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have a life-long dream to live in the UK, and although it wasn't your choice and things aren't all roses, I envy you!

  12. Congratulations! I really enjoy following your transition to UK life!

  13. Thank you all. I'm delighted this has lasted a year and can't wait to see what the next year brings.


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