Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of THOSE mornings.

This morning I woke with the promise of a new day - I had the kick-off meeting for my women's club and I wanted to rise early and get to the venue early to help set up. I volunteered to be the PR person and I'm running the creative writing group so I wanted to get my table ready to receive interested parties.

Well, due to jet lag I've been going to bed around 1am and waking up at 9 or so. This morning I did manage to get out of bed at 7:55. I dragged myself to the bathroom to shower and put in my contacts. Last night I made a pretty big mistake. About a month ago I had an eye problem and received a special contact lens solution to only use with a fancy case. The solution is NOT saline and should never be used on it's own. But at 1am when I finally felt tired enough to go to bed I used that solution instead of the regular stuff. When I put the first contact in my eye searing pain shot through my entire skull and my eye refused to open. I flushed it with warm water and about 5 minutes later I pried my eye open to take it out. It was so painful I felt weak in the knees! Needless to say, I'm wearing my glasses today.

After that I  turned on the computer and went to make coffee. We're out. Darn. Went back to the computer checked email, cruised over to my blog to see if anyone new has entered my giveaway (please enter - it's a great giveaway) and noticed I had two comments on my last post Cherry On Top award. It was then I noticed through my swollen, drooly, red eye that I had not changed the thing I would change if I could portion! OH NO. Not only was it not really true - it was written on Sunday when I was severely jetlagged andseriously homesick and half asleep. I meant to change it later and just forgot. I often write blog posts that are generic or can stand alone early and store them until I need to update but haven't a creative thought. I've received very sweet emails from several people and comments from more and I thank you all for being so concerned for me. I'm really touched. But, I am FINE - truly. I wish I had changed it but alas I did not. I can't change it as 400+ have already read it! I do like London - please know that. I AM happy and I will be happier soon.

I did make it out of the house - albeit late, with a red eye and glasses. The meeting went spectacularly well and I had a great time chatting with the ladies and signing up more writers than I imagined. So it was a smashing success.

Then Fen showed up with the kids. He had to head to work so he brought them over. The nanny doesn't start until 2pm so I took them which was no problem. But as soon as we left Cate announced she had to go potty. I practically ran home with my new cape billowing in the wind behind me (I'm rather fond of it and just bought it in Pennsylvania so I like to think I at least made a fetching site as I dashed through Belsize village square).

Once home Cate did her business - was praised mightily and fed a Smarties (similiar to a plain M&M). This is my current attempt to potty train as many have failed before. Cate is a stubborn one. We've resorted to hiding her pull ups as she would take off her underwear and put on a diaper. She's also taken to hiding her underwear, now we've had to hide them as well! Oy - the joy of parenting.

Ten minutes later as I was making their lunches, Cate called out that she went potty. Uh-oh. She sure had - all over the bedroom floor. Cleaned her and the floor up and then went back to lunches. My mother and sister in NY called on Skype. As I chatted with them, Cate came dashing in to say hello. She kicked X in the head, knocking him over and producing his first red welt of the day on his sweet little forehead. She got a time out for her efforts. Then I noticed she smelled. She had pooped in her drawers. I hung up and carried her to the bathroom only to see that she had thoughtfully dropped some in the hallway and smooshed it into the wood work. Changed her, gave her new underwear, cleaned the hallway floor and put on a load of laundry.

My glasses, which I thought were so fancy, do not have hooks that go over the ears so they slide off my head the minute I look down (but they were so expensive I have to wear them as I cannot justify the expense to Fen and God forbid I mention vanity and style!). The clean up took longer than usual as I took them off to clean (with my one good eye) and then put the glasses on to make sure things were up to snuff. Such a lovely task.

As I was cleaning up after lunch, X crawled over to a bookshelf, wasn't looking where he was going and keeled over smacking his little head into the corner of the shelf. Welt number two. This one is a doozy - it starts over his right eye and crosses his brow ending at the outer corner. He looks like he was: a) in a bar knife fight b) clawed by a bear c) whipped by a lion tamer  It ain't pretty - the poor thing.

Finally, the nanny showed up and I handed them both over. I have a massive headache! But I'm happy. London's swell!


  1. Obviously I hate that your little chap is prone to bumps and bruises but also relieved. My daughter is constantly bashing herself and always seems like the only one with visible bumps. She's a climber - need I say more. Also, she should have been a boy!


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