Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ladybird review

The lovely folks as Ladybird sent over a parcel filled with Ladybird goodies. Cate was over the moon with the package - like Christmas day. She's a big reader - well, she loves books and hopefully one day soon she'll start to read and love them as much as her parents do. X grabbed the stuffed ladybirds and dog and started gnawing on them happily.

The books have certainly captured both children's imagination. Whose Ears? is a darling little folding book where you have to guess who the ears belong to. Cate can't get enough of it. She loves guessing what ears belong to whom - the best part is flipping open the fold to reveal the truth. She gets a kick out of it every time.

Then there's Peek-a-Zoo - another folding book that Cate loves. I've watched her read this to X, she won't let him open the flaps but he loves being the center of her attention. She makes all the animal noises which has him in stitches laughing. I think this may be my favourite.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is one of our favourite nightime story books now. We keep a stack on Cate's bedside table and she's often reaching for this colourfully illustrated classic. It helps with counting using cute classic nursery rhymes like Baa, Baa Blacksheep, etc. I just read it to her last night for the umpteenth time.

The last book isWhat's the Time, Mr. Wolf?  Cate received a Tinkerbell watch from Fen while we were at JFK airport (he cannot resist her sweet little innocent face! I can). Whenever she's asked the time she says, 'Nine o'clock.' This book is actually showing her the differences in time. She doesn't quite get it but it's great for counting and she'll get there eventually (she's only three!).

The Spot DVD is a big hit but we're reserving that as a 'special treat.' In my latest attempt to potty train (which is going quite well, I say proudly with great relief) she receives a flower when she successfully uses the potty. Once she receives 10 flowers she get's a special treat. Spot is one of those special treats. So far, so good.

Also included was a lovely Ladybird camera. She took all the photos and we're off to Snappy Snaps this morning to see what she captured. I think it is a gallery of doll portraits. Ah the joy of film cameras. She really enjoyed it so I think we're going to have to get her another one.

She wants to use the Ladybird bag as her school bag when she starts next week. We'll see...

Overall, I've been really thrilled with everthing they sent over. The kids are enjoying each and every goodie and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Much thanks Ladybird and!


  1. Enjoyed this and the Pond Parleys posting. Having problems signing up as a Follower though, I'll leave it another day but just thought I'd flag it as I tried yesterday too.

    Might just be me, technology is often not my friend.

  2. I love giving my kids a camera to use. The pictures are often rubbish (usually fingers and palms) but just occasionally they do get some crackers!


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