Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's The Little Things That Make a Difference...

Since moving to London we’ve been acclimating to all things British for kids: cereal, TV, toys, etc. We’ve found it awfully amusing that some of the US and Canadian shows (Super Why, etc) have been switched to British accents, which actually makes sense to me.

One thing we’ve missed is Elmo – my daughter was somewhat addicted. She’s in love with Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom now. But there is a character here in the UK that I personally find amusing and my daughter likes as well – the Honey Monster! He’s the mascot for Honey Monster foods which makes a bunch of different cereals including Honey Waffles, which has graced our table on more than one occasion.

The latest ad is an absolute crack up – he feels about Honey Waffles what I feel for wine, chocolate and a good book! Take a look  – hilarious! 

Another thing we’re slightly addicted to is tea. I was a mediocre tea drinker before moving here but the tea is just in abundance and delicious!  The coffee’s off the charts great too. And I'm in love with M&S food court which I've mentioned before.

We’re still exploring and adjusting but there are things that are making England feel like home. These are just a few.


  1. This is so funny - hearing all the things you are noticing but it's the reverse for us. We couldn't get used to Spot with an American accent when we were in the US, I didn't think about the fact that we might do the accent switching too.

  2. Oh my goodness.... M&S Food... now I so miss that ..... and the Honey Monster give him a big hug from and tea now I'm dieing out here in NH cause I'm a big tea drinker and unless I buy PG Tips nothing hits the mark..... its funny what we miss and what we find to replace what we miss....

  3. Over twenty five years ago my husband was in sales for a food retailer, he managed to 'procure' a 4ft tall 3ft wide Honey Monster which has travelled with us where ever we have lived. It is really heavy, filled with sawdust. My husband LOVES it (more than he loves me I fear!)....... Personally I'd like to gift it to you but I think it may land me in the divorce courts!

  4. I've been here 6 years and I can't get into tea at all.

  5. Ah memories. I love that Honey Monster.

    BTW - next thing you know you'll be "Acclimatizing"!

  6. PG Tips, mmm.
    Erin, have you checked out the food hall at Harrod's?
    My dh misses Hob Nobs from when we lived there.

  7. I lived in London! I loooove that old town. Fell in love with Harrods at Christmas, Lion Bars, Hobnobs, high tea, Kensington Park in the Fall, the changing of the gaurds at Buckingham, Carnaby Street, Portabello Road on Saturdays, Snugly pubs for dinner, Evensong at St. Pauls, Piccadilly, Leister Square and Trafalgar (even with all the pigeons!)...I could go on and on. Jealous! It is high time I go back. (=

  8. It's funny, the Honey Monster has been around for ages! It's nice to hear he is still popular! I remember him from when I was little in the '70s! There should be more Elmo in the UK, my son adores him too!

  9. I loved discovering M&S food when I first moved here! And like you, I wasn't really a tea drinker but I am now. However, I still (after 21 years) cannot get used to the taste of tea with milk...bleh.

  10. We are very good at Tea - aren't we. I have an Elmo DVD which you are welcome to have - it drives me mad!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog over the past week!

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm about to go and fix myself a cuppa (with milk - sorry Michelle!)

    Louisa - the accents threw me at first but I'm okay with it now! Although I don't think Peppa would be as charming as a Yank!

    Lou - no HOney Monsters please!!

    Jo - they got rid of most of the pigeons at Trafalgar - they were ruining the statues! It's weird without them - I have to say.

    Chris, I live at Harrods Food Hall. I want to buy everything in the joint!

    Rachel - I'll raise a spoon of honey waffles in your honor for the HOney Monster tomorrow.

    Laides: PG Tips is on my shelf!

    Melania - we'll go and have tea. If I can't change your mind we'll switch to booze.

    Ex-Pat mum - acclimatizing? Oy - another word I need to learn! All part of it I guess.

    Spencer - send the dvd my way! My daughter will love you for it!!

  12. I lived in Dublin for six years until last September, shopping in the M&S food hall on Saturday mornings was a ritual for me. I miss it so!

    And I love Miss Peppa Pig!


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