Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Gurgle Girl!

Now that I'm back in the UK and armed with a working computer (hooray) I can finally announce that I am a Gurgle Girl - something I'm very excited about. A few weeks ago I was approached by the team at to see if I would be interested in becoming a Gurgle Girl - to which I eagerly accepted. Here's the official badge.

I'm not along in this venture - there are ten of us all together and we'll be reviewing products, attending events and then sharing everything with you. We'll also be meeting up to talk about all things 'Gurgle' and then report back to all of you again - so keep an eye out for updates, news, reviews, contests, giveaways - you name it.

Here is the full list of Gurgle Girl blogger advocates - all of the blogs are fantastic - go and check them out.

Leanne from Second Time Mum
Pippa from A Mother's Ramblings 
Emily from Baby Rambles
Hoi-Tse from Tea With One Sugar Please
Hazel  from Hot Cross Mum
Holly from It's A Mummy's Life
Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy
Peggy from Perfectly Happy Mum
Jen from Mum in the Madhouse

Read all about us in this article on

And to find out more follow me on Twitter and look for the hash tag #gurglegirls!

I'm so excited about this. I hope it's beneficial for everyone! And I can't wait to meet all the other 'girls' at our first event.


  1. Good for you, I look forward to your exploits as a Gurglegirl.


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