Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Heart NY but I love my computer more...

Finally I have access to a computer! On Saturday I offered up my computer to charge a friend's iphone and it was just too much power for the transformer so my computer was fried. I was devastated! I took it to a computer repair place and they told me it was just a write off. I could have cried. I was supposed to work this week but I haven't had a chance to do anything work/blog/email related.  I never realized how addicted to my computer I am. It's a problem! I didn't know what to do with myself.  But my sister showed up yesteday with her computer and I'm back in business - sorta.

Well, NYC was wonderful, wonderful. As soon as we were in Manhattan I was in heaven. I truly love that city. It has a hum and a heartbeat unto itself. I felt so excited to be 'home'. We were staying at a friend's flat on teh upper east side and took to the streets in search of Chinese food and a grocery. We found everything we needed as well as a huge playground within a block. The kids were in heaven and we were just as happy.

It was a cool evening so we slept with the windows open and I just laid in bed for a good hour listening to the city. The traffic, the hum of air conditioners, the sounds of people and life just buzzing around us was something I didn't even realize I missed.

The next morning I was up at 5, out the door at 6:30 in search of coffee and bagels. As soon as I stepped out onto the street I was happy. Across the street is a flash apartment building where a line of towncars were waiting for their bankers or whomever to come down and be whisked off downtown, there were two of NY city's finest in the Dunkin Donuts, everything was open. There was a line at the bagel place where nattily dressed people barked their orders in rapid speech. Women wore the most fabulous dresses that I adored and could have fit into five years ago (thanks kids!)

Later I joined in and headed to the subway to commute to my office for a few hours of work. I loved it. It was nice to be back at the office and see a few of the folks. I'm back again next week for a meeting and I can't wait.

I have to run but there is more to come! We're having a wonderful time at our lake house and visiting with friends and relatives and shopping (loads of Labour Day bargains to be had). Stayed tuned for the drama!


  1. Oh you sound so happy to be back there. Such a shame about your computer. I'd be upset too!

  2. Wow, Upper East Side. That was really cool! So how's your laptop now? Missing a day of Internet browsing is like living in a different world. LOL! You should have doubly checked the transformer's condition then. Anyways, NY is really a beautiful city with full of busy but happy people, in my humble opinion. Hehe!


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