Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween's A'Comin'.....

500x244 Halloween Golden Ticket

I'm so excited. I've been invited to come for a private screening of a classic horror movie. Fen is over the moon. The choices were many but we've narrowed our choice for the film to:

1. The Thing
2. Nightmare on Elm Street
3. Psycho

It should be a great evening and we're really looking forward to it!!


  1. Eeek! Rather you than me, deary. I hate horror films. I haven't watched one to this day and I never intend to.

    I'd be scared senseless for weeks after.


    Becca x

  2. Oh you brave soul..... I'm a complete scaredy cat where horror is concerned... I get enough horror opening the wash basket..

    BTW, if you haven't yet experienced Halloween in the UK, start lowering your expectations right now... The US does this seasonal experience well, as does Ireland... but the UK gets a bit stressed and pc.

    I still dress up with my kids and torment the neighbours for sweets, (but it's a bloody long way to walk out here in the middle of nowhere, and dark and scarey - but at least we have real bats!)

  3. I don't know why it is that I absolutely loved horror movies when I was younger, but now am too scared to watch them!


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