Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Blogging on Pond Parleys!

Toni and Mike, hosts of Pond Parleys invited me to do a guest blog today. It's all about my adventures as an American expat in London. Please go and check it out - and leave a comment, please!!!

Mike Harling is a terrific writer, author of Postcards From Across the Pond - as well as the blog of the same name and the blog The Life of Writing.

Toni Hargis is also a fabulous author: Rules of Brittannia as well as the blogs Rules, Britannia and Expat Mum.

Both of their books are about being an expat - Mike in the UK and Toni in the USA. Check them both out and BUY THEIR BOOKS - they're both really fantastic!

And they are not paying me for this endorsement!!

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  1. Check's in the mail. (Oops sorry, only kidding!)


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