Sunday, August 29, 2010

We landed...

... and it has been chaotic and hectic. Killed another computer  - a houseguest at our house plugged his iphone into my computer and it overloaded and died. I was devastated. So I'm on limited internet time until I return to the UK. I have loads of stories to share - coming soon! 

Being back in the US has been wonderful but it's very apparent that we don't live here anymore and it's really hard and sad for me. But we're having fun and the kids are loving it. So it's all good.

More soon.


  1. Oh thats bad news about your computer. Looking forward to hearing more when you are up and running again.

  2. Bummer on the computer front.
    I worry about returning to the UK.... and not feeling like I'm British any more, I guess that's why Ive not been since I left lol..... Glad your having fun and cant wait to hear about the trip


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