Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time to pack!

We are heading back to the US next week and I'm already eyeing the suitcases and dusting off the carry-ons. Packing for two small children is truly a job for a professional. I am no professional but I'm a fairly good amateur.

The trick is to get the carry-on done first and then the suitcases. I pack everything about two days before we leave and then the night before I take half of the stuff out. I found a great site for packing a carry-on suitcase here.

Here's another for traveling internationally with a baby.

So here's what we HAVE to pack:

  1. One toddler car seat
  2. One stroller
  3. The baby's Sit 'n Stroll - a fabulous carseat and pram in one. Check it out here.
  4. The portable high chair
  5. Toddler inflatable Peppa Pig Bed - love this. See it here.
  6. Sheets for baby bed (don't have to bring the Pack and Play as we have one there)
  7. Toys, crayons, crafts, etc. for the plane ride
  8. Toys, crafts, etc. for while we're there
  9. Diapers for the flight and a few to tie us over until we buy some there
  10. Baby food for the flight and for two days once we get there
  11. Snacks for the toddler
  12. Formula for the entire trip (God forbid he decides he does not like US formula)
  13. Bottles and sippy cups as well as plates, bowls, forks and spoons for little ones
  14. Clothes for two children for a two week stay
  15. Two changes of clothes for each child for the flight (just in case)
  16. Diapers, toiletries, medication, diaper cream, lotions, potions, etc.
  17. Portable DVD, DVDs, the Archos with Sesame Street and Peppa Pig, I pod, Laptop and all extensions, batteries and chargers as well as the adaptors.
  18. Favourite doll, blankies and teething toy for the flight
  19. Cate's water wings, the life vests for X as well as the flight safety harness for X
  20. Keys to the house in the US
  21. Large bottle of panadol for Mommy with several mini vodkas

Ack! I know I'm forgetting something. And that's just for the kids! All I really need is a pair of flip flops a change of clothes and a book. A damn good book. Any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for the packing tips. I'm packing up my life to head to London tonight for the big move!! Have you read The Help? I would highly recommend.

  2. It's long, but Shantaram is great if you have not already read it. Looking forward to meeting you Tuesday!!

  3. My goodness! Do you really need all that stuff? I can't recall ever having to take so many things when my children were small...phew!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations for books!

    Good luck with the move Ashley!

    Looking forward to Tuesday Michelle.

    Ayak - isn't it madness? With all the safety laws you have to have half the equipment we're dragging along. I will manage to get this all together and packed up within the weight restrictions. I just hate doing it!

  5. I hope that you have a lovely time. Travelling with children truly is a wonderful experience!

    I don't get much time to read anymore - in fact the last book I read was Horrid Henry!

  6. Omg what a lot of stuff ..... am glad when mine were young I didnt have to take that much ..... dont think I would be able to cope now lol xx

  7. It's too bad you can't borrow some of the stuff from friends and family while you are over in the States. It does seem like a lot. At least you can get the push chair out when you land to cart the rest of the carry on and the children. That was always my favorite part about landing, unloading the children into a stoller to go through customs.
    JoJo Moyes, The Last Letter From Your Lover is a lovely book and a will sweep you away while the children sleep.
    Have a great time.


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