Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh right....we're in love

Last night Fen came home after midnight holding a bouquet of sunflowers. He just smiled and handed them to me. I was completely surprised and delighted but confused.

"What are they for?"

"No reason. Just because I love you."

My Fen is not the romantic type but he can pull one out of a hat every now and then. I was so pleased. This year has been particularly hard on us - he forgot Valentines, didn't do anything for our anniversary or Mother's Day (even forgot my birthday but don't tell him I told you). We were really busy and he was under a lot of stress so I forgave him. So the fact that he just felt like getting me flowers is a big deal and I was thrilled.

Funny how such a small gesture means more than diamonds, rubies and pearls. He loves me! How nice. We've been together almost nine years, married for 7 1/2 but we've still got 'it'! And I love him too. I do little things for him like pack a lunch or dinner for him every day. And I sneak little surprises in so he has a little something sweet to snack on.

With the kids and the move we don't really have much time to focus on 'us'. So it's nice to know that 'we' are just fine and still mad for each other.


  1. A good man,sometimes we all need to remember the reasons we are together.

  2. That's just lovely. My husband sometimes forgets anniversaries and birthdays, but then on the odd occasion he will produce a bunch of wild flowers..or some he's picked from someone's garden! I think these spontaneous acts of affection mean so much more.

  3. It's those wonderful unexpected gestures that mean the most. Good luck with the packing and have a fantastic trip :)


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