Monday, August 9, 2010

Entertaining the troops

All summer long I've been searching for things to do with my little ones. X, the baby, is easy. He's happy to go anywhere as long as I'm with him (or Fen). Cate, on the other hand, is at that curious stage where entertainment is key. Entertainment for her meaning - how much she can run, explore, be with other kids and be happy; and entertainment for me meaning - wear her out so she goes to bed on time without fuss.

So we've had loads of playdates, swims at the splash pool, under 5 clubs, art, soft play, parks, etc. The summer has been a great time to explore the Heath and the neighborhood. But now many kids are off to nursery school in the fall and I'm looking for more things to entertain Cate.

We have her signed up for ballet and gymnastics but I'm looking into expanding her horizons a little. Since we're in Europe for a few years there's nothing like starting her early on something. I'm thinking a language or maybe ski lessons. I found this great place that has an INDOOR ski school that's even open in the summer - just outside of London! That's crazy! I love it. I've seen indoor skiing on television but now we have the chance to experience it first hand. I think Cate will LOVE it.

I was big into snowboarding back in my hey-day (or is it salad years) but haven't shredded lettuce since I got pregnant with Cate four years ago. Maybe it's time the whole family to bundle up and head off to the slopes (X will have to wait for a year or two).

We want our kids to have every advantage of living in Europe at a young age which includes skiing and foreign languages. We have to start somewhere so why not start with fun?

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  1. It's always difficult trying to find things to keep the little ones entertained...they have so much excess energy. Ski-ing sounds like a really good idea.


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