Sunday, August 15, 2010

Archie Comics

This morning the NY Times ran a piece on the revamping of Archie Comics (read  it here).  He's going global and not just with comics but with clothing,  film and more. He's hot again. Last year he got married - twice (in two different futuristic scenarios) and parodied both Jersey Shore and Twilight in it's pages which won it a lot of press.

As a kid I devoured Archie Comics - a Betty and Veronica double digest was a huge treat when mom or dad brought one home. I read them over my Frosted Flakes in the morning and loved all of it.Was seriously rooting for Betty to win Archie's heart (although I always thought Reggie was better looking).

I understand that brands have to change with the times but I'm disappointed that the relative sweetness and innocence of the Archie characters is going to change. He's going to be more of a playa - no more love triangle with just Betty and Veronica - he's expanding into Josie and the Pussycats and beyond. Heavy sigh.

I just hope he doesn't start talking gangsta and dressing like a street kid. Archie isn't the last bastion to clean-cut wholesomeness but it's the last one from my childhood. I'll be sorry to see him and the gang change.


  1. I am TOTALLY with you on this!! I loved the Archie comics too! I was always hoping for Betty to win as well, even though, like you, I thought Reggie was better looking. But I was also secretly fascinated by Veronica. She's like Angelina Jolie Ive realised. Not sure that I want to be her but Im fascinated by her.

    I really hope they dont modernise them too much. I know they have to move with the times but their whole appeal was being as they were! I wonder what the merchandise will be like--Team Betty and Team Veronica t-shirts?? :)


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