Thursday, July 22, 2010

X marks the spot

My little angel cut his first tooth yesterday. I cannot believe  how fast this is happening. This time last year I was almost six months pregnant and had just found out I was having a little boy. My Cate had just turned two and was starting to use two words at a time, learning her alphabet and counting. We had just learned we were potentially moving to London and I was excitedly checking out all things British online preparing for our upcoming trip- and romanticizing the entire adventure.

How vastly different things are a mere 365 days later. I have my little man X and Cate talks in full sentences (albeit she still refers to herself in the third person); we're in our THIRD flat in London,  (the romance has been beaten out of me by the land of the romantics: Byron, Austen, Shakespeare, etc. Heavy sigh. I'll get it back....)

I don't know why I felt so proud and wistful yesterday when I noticed a tiny  tooth staring up at me from his little gummy smile. I called Cate over to look and she proudly showed off her full mouth of  perfect, precious teeth.

'Cate count X's teeth,' she said then pointed at his mouth. 'One!' She howled with laughter.

My babies are growing up! Wonder if I ever will.


  1. It is shocking how quickly they grow up. I sat my little boy next to a baby the other day and it was just amazing to think there was only 3 years between them. As for you I hope that you always stay the same!

  2. I hope you don't ever grow up! Enjoy the milestones.

  3. It's incredible how much happens in one year. One year ago my first grandchild was just three months old...and now I'm making him laugh on webcam.

    Enjoy these precious milestones with your children...they come and go so fast.

  4. I'm at the stage with my 7 year old that he's got more gaps than teeth. He is talking like an old man with false teeth poor thing. It's so funny.

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