Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I'm starting to love

Since we moved I've been trying out new products and trying to get into the groove of favourite things. So far I've amassed a few 'must have' or 'can't live without' items. They are:

M&S smoked salt. It's ridiculous. I know salt isn't good for you so if I have to use it - I make it count. I bought it on a whim when we were having steak and now I want to sprinkle it on everything. Smoked salt is made by just about everyone so I don't know why I'm gaga for M&S - maybe because it's course. Whatever the case may be, I love it with a passion.

Fortum and Mason's English Breakfast tea - the loose leaves, not the bags. It's so delicious. I love it, love it!

Hobnobs. 'nuff said. I love the milk chocolate covered ones. An open pack is an empty pack in this house.

Sainsbury's sparkling water with a hint of raspberry and peach. Oh, so good.

Waitrose's balsamic vinegar - it's syrupy. Ridiculously good on their home made mozzerella, vine ripened tomatoes and fresh basil. I think next time I'll sprinkle a little of the smoked salt on. We'll see.

M&S shaker salads. I'm addicted. Joyce knows what I'm talking about!

Stella Artois. That's some good stuff! Draft is best but we stock up on the cans and bottles.

La Creperie on the Hampstead High Street. Thankfully, most days I walk by before it opens otherwise I'd find myself involuntarily walking toward it.


  1. Ooh HobNobs! delicious! Don't you think UK supermarkets/food products are nicer than those in the US? Maybe I'm biased! Now when I go home to England, I absolutely love just wandering around Sainsburys or Tesco! [posting again because of spelling mistakes in first try!]

  2. I do like the supermarkets here. All the products seem so new and exciting. I thought it would wane but it hasn't.

  3. Have you seen orzo here? I just went to the massive Tesco near my house and couldn't find it! Maybe I need to go to a slightly more upscale supermarket? Hm.

  4. Smoked salt? I have no idea what that is, but it sounds interesting!

  5. oh my, I feel starving now!!!! I got momentarily addicted to sainsbury's taste the difference stem ginger chocolate biscuits - yum! until I decided I wanted to try and wear a bikini this summer :0


  6. I love hobnobs too and also McVities Chocolate Digestives. I spend an awful lot of my time in supermarkets on my trips to England. Turkish supermarkets are hopeless.

  7. We use Waitrose's balsamic vinegar and it is good, but the best thing I have found is ginger beer. Marvelous stuff!
    I was surprised to find HobNobs on your list--they sort of go without saying, don't they ;)
    And I have never heard of smoked salt, but I will be passing an M&S on my way through town later.

  8. Betsy, I bought orzo at M&S and Waitrose - try them!

    Amelia - I have put them on my list - they sound ridiculously good.

    Ayak - we have the Digestives as well!

    Michael- I grew up with ginger beer. I usually have some around here. That and Schweppes' Bitter Lemon - I love the stuff!


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