Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out of it and getting out!

So I've been a bit out of it lately. I have a staph infection - in my eyes! Which makes reading and looking at a computer screen very, very difficult. So I've been struggling along since Thursday trying to work but unsuccessfully.

I'm also trying to read guides as we're heading out to Stonehenge, Bath and Wales soon but I can't even see the maps. And don't even get me started on the bright sunshine! I'm blinded by it. I wear contacts but have been forced to wear my glasses daily. It's not fun.

But I digress... I'm really looking forward to getting out of London and seeing more of the English/Welsh countryside. I've always wanted to see Stonehenge and Old Sarum - especially since I read Sarum by Edward Rutherford. It's a great novel of the story of England starting from way back in the ice age - following one family's history. I love his stuff. Go check it out (I'm not being paid for this endorsement, I just really like it, btw).

We're heading to Wales but not sure where. Fen and I love to just explore. We drove across the US about five years ago and it was one of the best vacations we've ever had. We saw the Black Hills, The Devil's Tower, Badlands, Yellowstone (including Old Faithful), Grand Canyon, the Great Salt flats of Utah, Graceland (tee hee), The Blue Ridge mountains - we crossed the continental divide three times. We even stopped in Colonial Williamsburg (why not?). It was something we both had always wanted to do so we set out without a set plan just a few general sites in mind. This is what we're planning to do on our upcoming trip - just drive and see the sites at our leisure.

Granted driving across the states took nearly three days (the entire trip took two weeks). Here it will only take three hours so we figure we'll be able to take our time. The kids have about two hours a drive in them a day. So we're not going to get too far at that rate.

Any suggestions for must see spots in Wiltshire or Wales?


  1. Hope your eyes feel better soon! Funny, I know two other people with eye infections right now - maybe something's in the air?

    Anyway, in Wiltshire, you shoud also hit Avebury (; it's like Stonehenge without the tourists (at least when I was there). Salisbury Cathedral is also fantastic.

    I was in Wales in May and we did a fantastic drive through the Black Mountains - a small road called The Gospel Pass (it's almost not on maps); we saw old chapels, wild ponies and plenty of sheep on the hills. It starts from Abergavenny through to Hay-on-Wye. Hay-on-Way is absolutely glorious if you like books - the town is stuffed with them! If you do go to Hay, there's a great B&B we stayed in called The Start - right on the river.

    Have fun!

  2. As already said there is Stonehenge and Avebury and of course there is me hehehehehehehehehe. Bath is good, one of my favorite places. Castle Coombe is also a nice place but I would try The Cotswolds there is so many pretty places to see there if my brain works I will carry on thinking. I am right bang in the middle of it all.
    Hope your eyes get better soon. xx

  3. Aww, I hope your eyes are better soon!

    Come to think of it, I'm planning on going to Wales for the day, with my daughter, son, mum and hubby, in a place called Llandudno. It's a beautiful place; we always buy ice cream and sit on the pier watching the sea, and on the way home buy fish and chips and eat them in the car, just gazing at the sights. It's a marvellous place, I recommend it highly. And what do you know - I might see you there! :) xx

  4. It's always been a dream of mine to buy a VW camper van and just go. There are so many places on the this small island that I've never seen let alone abroad. I don't have any suggestions as I think finding places for yourself can be one of life's great joys. I really hope that you have a great time and that your eyes are better soon.

  5. It sounds like it will be a lovely trip.

    I do hope your eyes are better very soon xx

  6. We're headed to Stonehenge, Bath and North Wales too! On the list for us for North Wales are Caernarfon Castle and Beaumaris. Not so good with very little kids though as there tends to be a lack of railings at the top of the towers!!! We're going to drive through the Llanberis Pass, as the scenery there is quite striking. Maybe the little ones would like trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway or the Ffestiniog railway? A trip on the Llangollen canal over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct,(a UNESCO World Heritage site)? Oh dear, those are all sitting down things . . . Hmm, I am sure you will find lots of interesting things to see and do. Don't forget to tell us about them afterwards!

  7. Thanks for the tips folks! I'll be sure to check a few out and report back.

  8. I do hope your eyes get better soon, in time to see stonehenge! I have always wanted to go here and have never been. I have been to Grand Canyon and Black Canyon in the states though - amazing places!

    Happy holidays


  9. Gower Peninsula in S. Wales is amazing. In Swansea you can see Dylan Thomas' birthplace and old haunts, then go to Laugharne where he lived later in life:

  10. I hope your eyes are better so that you can drive and really enjoy the landscape you come across on your roadtrip!
    I've never been to Wales, so make lots of pictures to share!


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