Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the move....

No, we're not moving house again! But, I am on the move. For months now I've been too tired and busy packing/unpacking to really get out an about on my own. I wasn't sure about the buses and there was no way I could get around on the tube with this heavy, double-decker pram. So I was content to hoof it around Hampstead/Belsize Park/Swiss Cottage, etc.

But now I've gotten over it and I'm finally taking buses - everywhere! I can completely handle the pram on and off the buses and now I'm unstoppable. I had a meeting this morning, then went over to Regents Park, then to Euston Station for lunch and back again.

I've been on the go for a few weeks now and have plans to venture out further and further. Please wave if you see me go by! There's no stopping me now!


  1. I know what you mean. I used the London Underground last week for the first time in decades, and felt virtuous and triumphant afterwards. The fact that I used to live and work in London should mean that I felt a small degree of confidence, but no. It's daunting after 20 years.

  2. That's great you're getting out! It's exhausting but so worth it. I can't stay in one area for long.

  3. Well done you. It's always difficult in a new area to start getting about and finding your way around. I'm always reluctant to start but once I do, I'm delighted, and enjoy the adventure.

  4. Those red London buses are looking pretty flash these days! And good for you on managing looks much harder than you make it sound!

  5. Ex-Pat Mum: I always feel victorious when I get off the bus - half the bus riders are watching and cannot believe I managed to move the double-decker pram off the double-decker bus!

    Joyce - you inspired me to try them out!

    Ayak - I've been traveling all over London now - it's great!

    Kerry - my giant Arnold Schwarzenegger arms (thank you X and Cate!) really make it easier.

  6. I love a bus ride. We take the park and ride in Ludlow, I think it's 35p return for the kids and 70p for adults. The sproglets think they've been to a theme park, (don't tell them, they've almost forgotten Chessington, Legoland and 'Autumn' Towers)


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