Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July in London

I've been outside of the US for Independence day many times but this year it was just weird - seeing how I was in England - the place the US declared independence from over 200 years ago. Understandably, it's not a big deal here! And I mean - not even a mention, a murmur, a flag or sparkler! I kept forgetting it was even the big day of fireworks - not that I'm a big Fourth of July person, it's just every year we're either at our lake house with the grill loaded up with hotdogs, hamburgers and sweet corn, or we're in Brooklyn at our neighbor Joan's house where the grill is loaded and the drinks are flowing.

This year we laid low and managed to unpack the final box! It was our own personal victory and declaration of independence as we are no longer shackled to the move and boxes, OH, the dreaded boxes! We hung a few paintings (we've got way too much art so much of it's going into storage), got rid of more baby stuff (X is already outgrowing things), and then went upstairs to have drinks with our fellow Americans.

Fen and I did manage to run out to the pub for a nice English Sunday roast and a pint. Not exactly hotdogs with relish, but it was good! And seeing how Fen is a Kiwi, it was all fitting. I'm only half American as well. It was a quiet July fourth but it was perfect.


  1. I had British friends round to mine for margaritas, rocket ice lollies and fireworks. They don't seem to mind celebrating our separation from Britain. Hope the boxes end soon.

  2. Ahh, happy belated 4th July. Have you experienced 5th November in rainy cold UK yet? Bonfire Night is our firework night.... wellies and burgers = yum. ...actually that read wrong. For clarity; we don't eat the wellies!!


  3. Happy 4th of July to you, nice to hear you celebrated with an English sunday roast, bet you are glad to have gotten rid of those darn Brits.


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