Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Even more doors!

So I'm still out and about looking at the beautiful houses and buildings here in Hampstead. There is a never-ending supply of them so I snap my favourites and post them there. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Here are the first three albums if you're interested: one, two and three

I love how this one is hidden away behind a lush garden. The door is a rich blue but it doesn't really show in this photo.
The flowers in this front garden are just beautiful. I stop and smell these fragrant roses almost daily.
I just love this front entry - I've tried taking it from other angles so the rubbish bins don't show butthe window with all the ivy is really what I love.
The gravel drive is fantastic. There is a wonderful tree in a circle here which is on the side of the photo - but I cut out the cars and rubbish bins to focus on the front door. This is a single family home!
The front door is really short - I always wonder how someone tall would get through. But I think it's very charming.


  1. Love the pics, the last one is my fav xx

  2. Lovely! Keep them coming xx

  3. My favourite is the second. I don't blame you for smelling them daily, I'd be exactly the same! x

  4. I was wondering who that was standing in my garden taking photos of me!!!

  5. Oo yes the last one is gorgeous...... go inside, go on.... I need to know how good the inside is.

    Just started reading Period Homes Magazine (in the doctors surgery!) Wow, now that's a beautiful mag.


  6. I nannied in your neighborhood last summer! I recognize some of the doors. I always used to fantasy house-hunt while I was walking with the baby... "I'll take that house, and that one, and that one..."


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