Friday, June 18, 2010

The toaster wars

Fen and I recently celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary (we've been together 8 1/2). When we married he moved into my place (okay it was BEFORE we married - we officially lived in sin) which is where we lived until we moved to London.

In Brooklyn there were clear lines as to what task belonged to whom and what areas were commanded by whom. The place was 'mine' first so I set things up the way I wanted, bought most of the furniture before Fen moved in and things carried on.

Well, things are different in our first place together (well our second if you want to be technical). Fen has suddenly developed a flair for decorating. It's actually nice that he's interested and that he wants input on his surroundings. We have chatted and discussed positioning of furniture and arranging knick-knacks and art hangings. That's all fine.

But...and you knew there would be one as there is always a big but in the way....he dared to move the toaster once I had set it in place in MY kitchen. My husband and daughter enjoy toast in the morning - I do not. I enjoy coffee in the morning - they do not. Therefore I set up 'stations': one for toast near the fridge where the plates, knives and all the toast fixings are within reach. Across the kitchen I set up coffee - with coffee, french press, plug in kettle, etc. This way we will not have to wait for the other to move so we can get our breakfasts ready.

Fen dared to move the toaster over to the kettle as he thought it made sense. Ah...silly man. It started with a conversation, escalated into a heated debate and quickly moved into gauntlets being thrown down and swords being drawn. One sentence ended it all: 'Get out of my kitchen if you want to eat again.'

The toaster now resides by the fridge where it belonged. I love my Fen, but don't mess with my kitchen!


  1. Hahaha! Stations get my vote too. Indeed, what a silly man. To interfere, that is. :)

  2. See, you're soooooo British already, we're always out fighting duels in parks, feathers in our caps. You should've slapped him dramatically across the chops with your kidskin glove.... that's how it always starts! Then it's pistols at dawn, or whenever you set the alarm clock thingymajig.. Dangerous things toasters!

  3. I am *so* jealous your kitchen is big. Our kitchen barely fits two people!

  4. yes, what a lovely kitchen!

  5. Michelloui: stations are the key to a happy marriage!
    Lou: I considered smacking him with the oven mitts in keeping with the kitchen theme!
    Mujerboricua and Betsy - thanks! I do love my new kitchen!

  6. This post did make me laugh...although I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time!

    My husband doesn't dare move anything the kitchen. Unfortunately my mother-in-law moves things around in the kitchen when she stays..which is very annoying..but I bite my tongue to keep the peace!


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