Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sorta charitable....

Last week I donated a gigantic bag filled with old work clothes, sweaters, books and shoes to a charity shop. I was expecting trouble as I've read about a few rotten experiences on a few blogs. The lady eyed me suspiciously and asked what was in the bag.

'Just clothes, books and shoes,' I answered with a smile. She peered in the bag, did a quick assessment and smiled at me. 'Thank you,' she cheerily replied and I left the shop happy to have donated to a good cause.

Today as I ran errands I walked by the charity shop and lo - in the window were three mannequins adorned in my cast offs! Funny, isn't it - all of a sudden all of my clothes looked fabulous and I wanted them back immediately. What was I thinking?! I thought in a panic. I wanted to rush into the store, snatch the clothes off the displays and trot out the door proclaiming, 'Never mind!!!'

I didn't for several reasons: 1. I'm not nutty, 2. I do not need them as they are mostly office attire, 3. Most don't even fit anymore, and 4. I do NOT have the room for any more clothes.

So I walked on but my eyes were like saucers when a woman was in the window fingering the fabric on a dress with a look of lust in her eyes - much like I must have looked when I bought it!

Coming back from my errands I noticed the dress was gone and I'm assuming the woman bought the dress. I hope she enjoys it.  Let's hope I don't tackle her in the street if I ever see her in it!

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  1. I used to donate my clothes to charity shops when I lived in England...and I always felt the same way after! So I know just how you feel. I've actually bought a lot of things from charity shops myself...particularly jeans. I hate new jeans..I love them when they've been worn and washed several times.
    We don't have charity shops here in Turkey...people wear their clothes until they rot! It's the done thing here to leave bags of clothes (well wrapped) next to the street rubbish bins rather than offer them to people which may cause embarrassment. The bags always disappear during the night....and you occasionally see someone wearing your cast-offs..but nothing is mentioned of course!


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