Monday, June 28, 2010

A Jolly Good Day in London

After the whirlwind visit from my childhood buddy, and lots of outings with the kids and new friends Fen, Cate, X and I were finally alone today. We did a whole lotta nuthin. It was fantastic.

Cate was not well during the night, sporting a very high fever and burning up from it. I gave her something for it and then she slept on me as I sat in a chair and comforted her. I'd put her back down and go to bed but then X would wake up. He is teething so he was up and down all night. Fen and I tagged teamed him between bouts of Cate's crying. Needless to say we were really tired when we finally got up for the day.

Cate was not 100% even though the fever broke around 5am. We decided to stay in and relax. Cate thoroughly enjoyed three viewing of Disney's Cinderella, X slept for hours in his swing, Fen and I did some housework, and puttered around just cleaning, chatting and relaxing. I don't know a day that I have had to just putter and I cannot tell you how nice it is is do absolutely nothing. I didn't worry about my extremely long to-do list, I didn't spend my free time working, I didn't even think about dinner. The day was beautiful and we did get out to the stores and for a stroll but relaxing together with all the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing through made it just the right day to stay at home.

It was great to be in a flat we like, comfortable, and together. It's starting to feel like home.


  1. Pretty blog page.
    Thanks for the comment about your place in PA. I'm glad other multi home owners have similar problems!

  2. Sounds a great way to spend the day except for Cate not feeling well of course xx


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