Monday, June 21, 2010

Insult to injury - the saga continues

This weekend our mailbox, as well as all the mailboxes in this building and probably all in the neighborhood received a mass mailing. It was from a real estate agent wanting to know if we knew anyone looking to move into our neighborhood - they have a fabulous flat for sale just up the road going for a steal.

Guess what flat that might be? Yes...our old one - the one we were evicted from because the bank repossessed it after the landlord failed to pay the mortgage and then ran off with our money.

The letter/flier was filled with photos of the kitchen, garden and lounge (see photo). In the photo of the lounge is our old coffee table that we left behind, sitting there all alone and I felt a pang of guilt for abandoning it.

This blasted place will not go away! I saw the 'For Sale' sign in the window this past week and looked away. I hated living there but it seems to just continue to haunt us. Old landlord is lost to the wind but our attorney hunts him. Sometimes I feel it's just better to let go and move on. I wish it would let us!


  1. Horrid landlord. Breathe in with love out with hate..... oh bugger, no stop, reverse... Breathe in with hate, out with love....

    Anyhoo, you're in a much better place now.


  2. Urgh, how annoying!!!! There is a flat in Fulham that my partner and I lived in during a really difficult time for us both, and I still can't pass it without feeling sick to the stomach. Chalk it up as one of life's crappy little lessons, and move on as best you can - otherwise that blighter of a landlord will continue to have a hold over you. You're much better off where you are now, anyway!!! x

  3. I suppose it's both a blessing and a curse that your new flat is so close to the old one--a blessing originally when you had to move, but now... Anyway, this phase will pass. Someone will buy it and you'll soon stop thinking about it. Unless there's some ongoing BS with the landlord. Fingers crossed that gets resolved.

  4. You know you have to move on...and you will in time, but I can understand your irritation.

    Just keep thinking how wonderful your new home is xxx


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