Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting out...

I joined a local womens group and went to my first meeting yesterday. I have to say everyone was just lovely and we were all having a nice chat before the speaker got up to talk. I met a wonderful woman who just moved  here from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn just ten days ago. One of the ladies sitting near me was also recently evicted for the same reasons - apparently it's common. I still  consider it baptism by fire but I digress....

I was really excited about going and meeting local ladies and hopefully connecting with a few. My new neighbor came along as well. She is fabulous and we're getting along like a house on fire. Her two kids came with us - I left Cate and X with a babysitter as I really can't sit quietly with a baby and a fidgety three year old.

So things were going great. The speaker was a relationship expert and she was lively and interesting. She got the group going. I stayed mum because it was my first time there and I didn't want to air Fen and my dirty laundry to a bunch of strangers. Well, there were some real humdingers in the group. I listened to their problems with their partners and suddenly Fen's flaws looked ridiculously small.

Another lady, who is obviously in a happy marriage (and who was reed thin, gorgeous with no make up and wore a diamond the size of my eyeball) waxed on about doing things out of love instead of spite and he will do the same for you. It was a nice concept but if I said to Fen, 'Please do this out of love.' He would immediately reply, 'You should stop nagging me out of love.'  Or he'd burst out laughing.

I really enjoyed the conversation - I've complained about my Fen and his shortcomings but after listening to everyone I realize I have it pretty good. I'm no picnic - believe me: I'm bossy, a perfectionist, a workaholic, somewhat messy yet ridiculously organized, a tad laid back about things and then over hyper about others. But overall, I think I got a good thing going here.

That does not mean I'm going to let him control the remote anytime soon. Maybe just tonight...


  1. He! he! Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen!

    Didn't you fancy the WI then? Jam, Jerusalem and no knickers? That would have been a proper baptism for a New Yorker.... Actually I'm sorely tempted to join up here in the back of beyond.... Might pick up a few pickling tips.. I absolutely promise to keep my underwear on...

  2. I once apologised to my husband for my constant nagging and he said "It's OK I like it" ! Talk about an open invitation!
    Glad you are settling in so well and making new friends.

  3. I love the word 'humdingers' Glad you're settling in.

  4. I love the words 'lolligagging' and 'haberdashery'. I don't know why but I do.


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