Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football, football and more football....

It’s all football all the time here in our house. My German brother-in-law and sister stopped in on their way to South Africa for the games and while he was here the constant (annoying) buzz of the horns was ever present! Fen watches the games but muted as I cannot listen to that racket anymore! Great games if you watching.

Thanks heavens we have a DVR otherwise I’d never get to see my shows – which are getting fewer and fewer as the weeks pass. I just don’t really have the time or the inclination to watch the telly these days. Too much to do, so much to read!

Argentina and South Korea are playing this afternoon and France vs. Mexico tonight. Fen will be glued to the tube. And I will watch while tapping away on the computer. For my entertainment I’m looking for a doppelganger on Facebook!

This month in support of England’s efforts in South Africa, Domino’s Pizza has launched the best footballers lookalike competition for the current squad on Facebook. Unfortunately I haven’t found one yet but perhaps you know someone who is a footballer lookalike? If you do then pass this on -  they could win BIG.

The lookalike with the most “likes” at midnight on 4th July 2010 will win a pizza party worth £100 for the football final on 11th July 2010. If there is a joint winner (or no clear winner) then Domino’s will choose its favourite lookalike from the joint top lookalikes.

Domino’s will also be choosing their own favourite lookalike each week and the winner will score a free pizza just for entering. 

For those who do not want to play, you can just order pizza online and check out the latest pizza offers from Domino's.


  1. Wayne Rooney looks like a pizza. Can I have a prize now?

    Lou (I DO NOT have world Cup fever. I had an injection so I'm immune)

  2. The Argentina and South Korea match this afternoon was a good of the better games so far. The horns do drive you nuts though don't they?

  3. Hi 'Cross the Pond, thanks for dropping by my blog and I'm now returning the compliment. What a really interesting blog, I'll be back again soon. My employers have blocked FB on our work computers (BOO!! HISS!) so I'll check it out when I get home. My son bought a vuvuzela - my god they are soooo loud -but he left it at a friends house and I just haven't found the time to pick it up. Shame!


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